Erie Lackawanna Railroad Collection: Inventory

Series G: Erie Lackawanna Reorganization/Liquidation, 1972-1991

Scope Note: This series is comprised of materials pertaining to the Railroad's Section 77 bankruptcy court proceedings, beginning in 1972, and subsequent reorganization and liquidation ending in 1991. The reorganization/liquidation process included the appraisal and valuation of all Erie Lackawanna properties, equipment, and assets. A large volume of real estate and other sales files are included in this series, as well as appraisal and valuation documentation. Also included are multiple drafts of the Company's Plan of Reorganization. This series also contains materials about the Regional Rail Reorganization Act of 1973 (3R Act) and Erie Lackawanna's inclusion in Conrail in 1976. Conveyance papers, government reports, and agreements relating to the 3R Act and Conrail are found in this portion of the series. Additionally, there are documents from miscellaneous litigation that took place throughout the reorganization/liquidation period.

The bulk of material in this series dates from 1972-1991. However, due to the nature of reorganization and liquidation procedures, there are materials dating from earlier time periods. For example, if the properties of a subsidiary or controlled railroad were being valuated, documentation might date back to the 1800's. Materials being used for research and reference during reorganization commonly date from years prior to 1972. This series, comprised of 94 cubic feet, is the largest of the collection. At this point, it has been processed primarily at the box level in an attempt to gain initial intellectual and physical control.

This series has been divided into the following sub-series:

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Boxes 1-3: Appraisals (Wyer, Dick): 1974-78

Boxes 4-9: Appraisal, Valuation, Debt

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Real Estate Sales Files


Box 10: Real Estate Sales Files R6-121 - R6-138

Box 11: Real Estate Sales Files R6-139 - R6-149

Box 12: Real Estate Sales Files R6-150 - R6-157

Box 13: Real Estate Sales Files R6-157 - R6-169

Box 14: Real Estate Sales Files R6-170 - R6-196

Box 15: Real Estate Sales Files R6-197 - R6-221

Box 16: Real Estate Sales Files R6-222 - R6-253

Box 17: Real Estate Sales Files R6-253 - R6-273

Box 18: Real Estate Sales Files R6-274 - R6-298

Box 19: Real Estate Sales Files R6-299 - R6-320

Box 20: Real Estate Sales Files R6-320 - R6-333

Box 21: Real Estate Sales Files R6-334 - R6-369

Box 22: Real Estate Sales Files R6-369 - R6-388

Box 23: Real Estate Sales Files R6-389

Box 24: Real Estate Sales Files R6-389 - R6-389a

Box 25: Real Estate Sales Files R6-390 - R6-414

Box 26: Real Estate Sales Files R6-415 - R6-434

Box 27: Real Estate Sales Files R6-435 - R6-443

Box 28: Real Estate Sales Files R6-444 - R6-471

Box 29: Real Estate Sales Files R6-472 - R6-504

Box 30: Real Estate Sales Files R6-505 - R6-537

Box 31: Real Estate Sales Files R6-538 - R6-564

Box 32: Real Estate Sales Files R6-565 - R6-620

Box 33: Real Estate Sales Files R6-620 - R6-675

Box 34: Real Estate Sales Files R6-676 - R6-697

Box 35: Real Estate Sales Files R6-698 - R6-732

Box 36: Real Estate Sales Files R6-733 - R6-760

Box 37: Real Estate Sales Files R6-761 - R6-790

Box 38: Real Estate Sales Files R6-791 - R6-801

Box 39: Sales Files: Correspondence: L-P

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Conveyance Papers


Boxes 40-42: Conveyance Papers: Sale of Assets, Equipment, Liability: 1970-80

Boxes 43-45: Conveyance Papers: Conrail

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Comptroller's Department Files


Boxes 46-50: Comptroller's Department Files

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Box 51: Annual Report Work Papers: 1987-91

Box 52: Controlled Companies and Settlements

Box 53: Fiancial Reports (miscellaneous)

Box 54: Monthly Internal Finacials: 1989-91; Consolidation Statements: 1986-91

Box 55: Mortgage and Bondholders

Boxes 56-57: Taxes: 1982-91

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Boxes 58-59: Miscellaneous

Box 60: Morristown & Erie Railroad

Box 61: Norfolk & Western

Box 62: Personal Injury and Property Damage Claims E32881 - E33031: 1972-89

Box 63: Personal Injury and Property Damage Claims E30000 - E32867: 1972-89

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Section 77 Bankruptcy Proceedings


Box 64: Documents 1-562 + INDEX: 1972-1974

Box 65: Documents 564-1066: 1974-1976

Box 66: Documents 1067-1600: 1975-1976

Box 67: Documents 1601-2154: 1976-1977

Box 68: Documents 2155-2640: 1978-1979

Box 69: Documents 2641-3049: 1980-1981

Box 70: Documents 3050-3434: 1981-1982

Box 71: Documents 3435-3671: 1982-1983

Box 72: Supplements 1-2591

Box 73: Supplements 2579-19 - 3418

Box 74: Supplements 3396-3423

Box 75: Supplements 3565-10 - 3565-15b

Box 76: Supplements 3565-16 - 3566-2

Box 77: Supplements 3566-3 - 3708

Box 78: Transcripts: 1974 - 1981

Box 79: Transcripts: 1974 - 1981

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Plan of Reorganization


Boxes 80-81: Plan of Reorganization: Miscellaneous Files

Box 82: Plan of Reorganization Library (unnumbered)

Box 83: Plan of Reorganization Library (unnumbered)

Box 84: Plan of Reorganization Library Class A - Class G 0005-4

Box 85: Plan of Reorganization Library Class G 00006 - Class G 00019

Box 86: Plan of Reorganization Library Class H - Class X 0019

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Regional Rail Reorganization Act of 1973


Boxes 87-89: Regional Rail Reorganization Act of 1973: Miscellaneous Files; Government Reports

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Erie Lackawanna, Inc. (liquidating trust)


Boxes 90-93: Erie Lackawanna, Inc.: Miscellaneous Files

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Box 94: Files dealing with Reorganization which did not fit into above categories.

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