Erie Lackawanna Railroad Collection: Inventory

Series J: Miscellanea


Box 1 - Miscellaneous Files, Publications:

Business Men's Club (Cincinnati Club)

The Erie-Erie Lackawanna Railroad: A Comparative Financial Evaluation of Two Corporate Bankruptcies: 1973

Erie: Organization Chart: [1951?]

Erie Lackawanna: Rates of Pay, Rules, Agreements: Manuals for Employees: 1950-70

Erie Lackawanna: Safety Rules: Engine, Train and Yard Service Employees: 1964

Erie Lackawanna: Through Freight Train Classifications, Times, and Connections: 1969; 1973

Historical Sketch of the Lackawanna Railroad: [193?]

Joint Traffic Association: Articles of Organization: 1896

"Lackawanna: The Route of Phoebe Snow - Brief History of the Railroad with Photographs and Description of its Motive Power": [194?]

Press Releases (2 folders)

Proposal by O.P. and M.J. Van Swerigen for the Unified Control and Operation of the Erie Railroad, et al.: 1924

Release - Erie Railway Co. by Jay Gould, et al. (photocopy): 1871

Register of Obsolete Papers Sent to Hoboken Record Room: [n.d.]

"These Wheels Must Turn: A Handbook of Safety Practices for Railroad Officers and Employees": 1974

Box 2 - Miscellaneous Files, Publications:

Classification of Operating Revenues as Prescribed by the ICC: 1907

DL&W: Audit of Accounts (Haskins & Sells): 1929-34; 1935-39; 1941-46; 1948-54

DL&W: Manual: Including Special Land and Leases: 1886

Erie: General Index of Bridges and Turntables: 1948 revision

"Flood" [Hurricane Agnes]: New York Southern Tier: 1972

Office of Car Accountant: Locomotive Mileage Charts: Jan.-Dec., 1971

Roster of Railroad Company Officials (various): [n.d.]

Structural Blueprints: Incline to Overhead Crossing at Owego New York: [n.d.] (4 folders)

Boxes 3-4: Bound Volumes:

Box 3 - DL&W: Manual (including supplements): 1928 (4 v.)

Box 4 - State Assembly of New York: Minutes: 1855

Annual Report of the Railroad Commissioners of New York: 1855

New York State Legislature: Construction of the New York & Erie Railroad: Acts and Testimony: [1851?]

New York State Legislature: Investigation of the New York & Erie Railroad Co.: 1841

Laws of New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey Specially Relating to the New York & Erie Railroad Co. (2 copies): 1863

State Engineer and Surveyor of the State of New York: Annual Report: 1860

Erie: Division of Responsibility of Maintenance of Bridges: 1959

Erie: By-Laws: 1926

3 Oversize Bound Volumes:

Aerial Photographs of Line of DL&W Railroad

1 - Morristown Main Line
2 - Boonton Branch
3 - Montclair and P&D Branches

Box 5: Discontinuation of New Jersey Suburban Commuter Services: c1960-1970

Box 6: Erie Reorganizations: 1879; 1895

Boxes 7-9 + 1 oversize volume: ICC Valuation Files:

Box 7 - ICC Valuation (Erie, DL&W)

Box 8 - ICC Valuation (Erie)

Box 9 - ICC Filings: Acquisition of Leased Lines (DL&W)

1 oversize bound volume: ICC Summary of Lands Owned or Used by Erie Railroad: 1939 compilation

Boxes 10-13: Erie System Corporate Histories (includes Minor and supplements to Minor)

Boxes 14-16: Miscellaneous Files from Other Companies:

Box 14 - A-Ni

Akron and Barberton Belt
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe
Belt Railway Co. of Chicago
Blossburg Coal
Buffalo Creek (+ 2 oversize volumes)
Chessie System
Chicago & Western Indiana
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific
Niagara Junction

Box 15 - No-P

Northwestern Mining & Exchange
Penn Central Properties
Pennsylvania Coal

Box 16 - R-W

Rochester & Genesee Valley
Trailer Train Co.
Wheeling & Lake Erie

Boxes 17-18: H. Roger Grant Research Materials

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