391st Bombardment Groupís
March 1944
18 (SAT) 42-95837 4L-O 2nd Lt. W. W. Wolfe.  Crash landed at New Romney.
19 (SUN) 42-95849 08-B Lt. Frank Bernzen. Hit by flak on turn off from target on 
first run.  Fell away with badly smoking engine and fabric on left stabilizer almost all shot away.  Pilot got plane back into formation for a second run on the target.  On second run, it was again hit by flak and tail blown off and went down with a full bomb load.  No survivors.
23 (WED) 42-95816 P2-S Lt. S. A. Jacobs.  Flak damaged and crashed on landing. 
Cat E. 
25 (FRI) 42-95854 08-S Capt. H.D. Gubner (Operations Officer) Hit by flak in the vicinity of Laon/Athies A.D. Pilot feathered engine and salvoed bombs.  3-5 chutes seen. Aircraft went into a spin and exploded before hitting the ground. 5 survivors.
April 1944
10 (MON) 42-95817 P2-A Capt. Frank E. Schleicher.  Crashed into a road spreader while attempting to land on one engine.
18  42-95837 4L-O Lt. Otto B. Engelking.  Hit by flak and crashed.  No 
27 (TH) 42-95845 08-Q Cap. William S. Aldridge.  Hit by flak 1 1-2 miles NE of 
Dieppe Hit in right wing, causing engine to catch fire.  Immediately peeled off to the right.  Scraping belly of B-26 on its right wing (42-958330, went into a dive but pulled out at 6,000 ft and weaved down to the right under control.  Jettisoned bombs, then was lost sight of in clouds at 4/6000 ft bus was seen blazing on the ground.  5 survivors, including pilot.
May 1944
8 (MON)  42-95829 T6-C Capt. Frank B. Adams.  Hit by flak in right engine, which 
split open.  Bombs salvoed immediately and aircraft passed under tail of number 3 plane in formation.  3 chutes seen from tail, 2 from bomb bay.  6 survivors.
8 (MON)  41-35012. P2-F Capt. J. F. Armstrong.  Hydraulics shot out.  Belly landed. Cat E. 
8 (MON)  41-31972 08-M 2nd Lt. M. M. Martin.  Hydraulics damaged and wheels 
collapsed on landing.  Ran off runway causing undercarriage to collapse into wings. Cat E. 
20 (SAT) 42-107740 T6-U Col. John S. Samuel.  Badly flak damaged.  Sent to service Sq. 
21 (SUN) 42-95805 08-V 2nd Lt. Michael R. Petrich.  Badly shot up by gunner in 827 while test firing his guns.  Report from Chester Van Sickle that the undercarriage collapsed after brakes burned out.  Cat E. 
25 42-107743 08-O Capt. H. S. Harkins (replacement operations officer). 
Badly flak damaged.  Returned on single engine. 
25 41-31890 T6-K F/O C.W. Hollinger.  Hydraulics shot out.  Crash landed. 
27 42-95827 08-G Capt. J. F. Schofner.  Flak ignited right engine approximately one minute after bombs away. About 30 seconds later air-craft dropped out of formation, prop feathered and under control.  Peeled off to right with fire extinguished, 4 survivors. 
27 41-31716 08-O 2d Lt. Francais D. Dautouil.  Flak ignited right engine, 
peeled off at 45 degrees, hit ground and exploded, 6 chutes seen.  4 survivors. 
28 42-95798 4L-K Lt. J. W. Coelch.  Hydraulics shot out. 
28 42-95840 4L-K 2d Lt. Leroy R. Sullivan. Crash landed.  Believed to be on test flight.  Cat E. 
28 42-95850 T6-R Lt. Robert G. Goodson.  Flak ignited right engine.  Fell out of formation in a shallow dive.  Right wing came off.  6 survivors.
28 42-95852 4L-R Lt. Junior Olfson.  Flak damaged hydraulics.  Belly landed at base. 
28 42-95943 T6-F Lt. Harry D. Porter.  Flak under right wing.  Lost oil, peeled off to right, but regained formation.  Flight turned onto target run and 943 crossed back at right angles under flight. Last seen losing altitude under control with smoking engine.  5 survivors. 
29 (MON)  42-95804 T6-A Capt. Kenneth W. Mitchell.  Engine cut out on take off. 
Crashed at Mole Hill Green.  Crew (except co-pilot) escaped before plane exploded.  CP survived. 
June 1944
7 42-95848 08-N N  2nd Lt. Leroy R. Sullivan.  Hit by flak, fell out of formation to right under control, 4 chutes appeared before it went out of control and crashed in a field N of Brouze.  2 survivors. 
8 42-107634 T6-J  Lt. R. E. Baehr.  Badly damaged, forced to make 
emergency landing. 
15  41-34972 P2-S Lt. R. G. Dickenson.  Crash landed due to flak damage. 
July 1944
5 42-107811 08-V Lt. Michael N. Petrich.  Direct flak hit below mid upper 
turret, near Eroux.  Broke into two main pieces, no chutes seen.  Known there were survivors. 
5 42-107834 T6-F 2nd Lt. Louis E. Hartman.  Hit by flak and left formation 
trailing smoke.  Fuel tank ignited, dived towards ground but two minutes later recovered to glide a short distance before standing on one wing, flipping to left and exploding in woodland. 
8 42-95821 09-O  Lt. Col. George R. Stalnaker.  Flak over the target at Nantes crippled aircraft.  Roughly 20 minutes later, at 4500 ft, 5 chutes were seen.  Plane then peeled off to right, banked and headed in opposite direction.  It then stalled, went into a spin and exploded upon hitting the ground.  8 survivors. 
28 42-95842 T6-D   Lt. Robert H. Clark.  Hit inside waist by flak.  Broke up and came down in two pieces with front end in a spin.  2 chutes were seen and plane exploded on the ground. 
August 1944
7 42-95851 4L-M Lt. William E. Gallison.  Seriously damaged by flak in 
engine and fuselage. 
8 42-107673 P2-A Capt. William G. Erickson, Jr. Hit by flak in right wing 
between nacelle and fuselage.  Engine started to smoke heavily, plane continued on course, losing some speed and altitude.  Four chutes came out in quick succession, then 
two more before ship went into a right banking dive and exploded on impact.  8 survivors. 
8 42-95831 T6-H Lt. Woodrow W. Fry.  Belly landed at base due to flak 
13 42-95800 4L-C Lt. John W. Colsch.  Hit in right engine by bomb dropped by an aircraft in a higher formation, veered up and to right, colliding with 42-95834 and cutting off its tail.  Subsequently crashed.
16 42-96314 4L-H Flak damaged, crashed landed near base while attempting to land. Cat E. 
25 42-95802 T6-P and 42-45797- Mid air.  Capt. Thorn (one crew member escaped), 
and Lt. Elmer Rice, who descended through the overcast directly over Gurnsey Islands. Germans fired at his aircraft disabling other engine, requiring immediate landing.  He 
chose to ditch, 4 remaining crew picked up by US destroyer. 
26 42-95813 P2-J Lt. Stubbs.  Engine failure on take off.  Cat E. 
September 1944
1 43-34148 T6-D 2nd Lt. D. G. Love.  Crashed on take off and destroyed.
24 42-96102 T6-X Lt. Jack T. Hanlon.  Crashed 2 miles NE of Rochford. 
Unable to locate base following ferry mission to Roye Amy.  4 crew killed. 
24 42-95823 T6-N Lt. Richard E. Baehr.  Crashed at Blackmore.  Unable to 
locate base following ferry mission to Roye Amy.  4 crew killed. 
24 42-95853 08-F (Miss Behaving) 2nd Lt. Howard H. Nolan.  Crashed on 
bungalow at Hatfield Heath following ferry mission to Roye Amy.  3 crew killed.
October 1944
5 42-95873 4L-U Lt. J. H. Talton.  Crashed on take-off and destroyed. 
5 42-95807 41-J Lt. Brown.  Hit power line on take-off. 
6 42-107841 T6-A 2nd Lt. K. E. Shoemaker.  Belly landed.  Repaired.
6 43-34309 T6-G Lt. William R. Boone.  Crash landed. 
6 42-107873 08-N Major Herschel S. Harkins.  Seriously flak damaged. 
12 42-107595 T6-V 2nd Lt. M. L. Peters.  Hit by flak and last seen over 
Koenigenhaven on single engine and the other on fire. 
December 1944
2 43-34165 T6-H  Lt. E. B. Dunn.   Landed at base after being hit by an 88 mm below its turret and nearly blown in two.  Pilot wounded and several crewman killed. 
5 42-107815 4L-W Lt. W. F. Lowe.  Crash landed near St. Hubert after running out of fuel.  Pilot injured, rest of crew safe. 
10 43-34183 T6-K Lt. L. M. Clapham.  Left engine caught fire on take off, 
bombs jettisoned 4 miles W of base.  Plane crashed and burned, all crew bailed out safely, except pilot, whose chute failed to open. 
23 42-107747 T6-T Lt. Clayton B. Abraham.  Shot down by enemy aircraft 3 
miles E of Arhweiler, last seen dropping behind with both engines smoking and undercarriage down.  Went down slowly, apparently under control. 
23 42-95838 4L-B Lt. Wilbur P. Stevenson.  Shot down by enemy aircraft.
23 42-95825 T6-B (Easy Dog 99)  Capt. Joseph J. Boylan.  Hit by enemy 
aircraft while pulling away from the target, left engine smoking, right engine on reduced power, fire in radio compartment.  Crew all bailed out.
23 43-34361 4L-M Lt. Paul N. Matus.  Shot down by enemy aircraft before 
reaching target.  All crew bailed out except the tail gunner, waist and turret gunner. 
23 42-96818 4L-L (Lady Chance) Lt. Bartrum L. Ryan Jr.  Hit in left engine by enemy aircraft, caught fire and dropped out of formation. 
23 42-95798 4L-K Lt. J. S. Haynes.  Pilot shot dead, aircraft went down in 
23 42-107597 4L-P Lt. Ralph H. Lesmeister.  Hit by enemy aircraft and last 
seen with both wings blazing. 
23 42-95865 4L-D (Sky Hag) Capt. Clyde G. Brown.  Shot down. 
23 42-95841 4L-S  Lt. E. F. Donnelly.  Shot down. 
23 42-95944 08-D Lt. William A. Kloepfer.  Shot down. 
23 42-95932 08-T (Fifinella) Lt. Clark A. Tavener.  Shot down. 
23 42-107671 08-L Lt. James F. Gatlin, Jr.  Hit by enemy aircraft and last seen with one engine feathered and undercarriage down.
23 43-34440 08-Q  Lt. Donald N. Sharp.  Shut down over Bitburg. 
23 43-34309 4L-C Lt. Clarence E. Mickelson.  Shot down. 
23 44-67826 4L- Lt. Warren E. Gray.  Shot down.
23 41-35010 4L-A  (Snakes Revenge) Lt. Dale C. Datjens.  Shot down.
January 1945
5 (FRI)  43-34454 4L-H Lt. R. W. Walter.  Crashed on landing when a tire blew. 
16 44-67840 T6-H Lt. George A. Edwards, Jr.  Crashed on take-off. 
22 42-96313 P2-Z  2nd Lt. G. R. Lantz.  Hit prop wash on landing and crashed. 
25 (THUR)  44-67914 4L-A 2nd Lt. C. W. Harrington.  Hit by flak and bust into flames during second run on target. 
February 1945
10 42-107720 4L-R 2nd Lt. T. E. Martin.  Hit by flak in right wing, fuel tank 
exploded and plane went down in flames. 
10 44-67865 4L-D 2nd Lt. P. I. Woods.  Crash landed following flak damage. Cat E. 
10 43-34156 P2-J 2nd Lt. P. R. Young.  Crash landed 6 miles SSE of 
Luxembourg Cat E. 
13 42-95822 T6-O Lt. M. Dobda.  Hit by flak in right engine after bombing 
14 43-34319 T6-R  Lt. W. J. Mosher.  Flat tire on landing, ran off end of 
runway and collapsed nose wheel, Cat AC. 
23 43-34177 4L-C Lt. R. M. Proctor. Landed at A-78 with fuel leak.  While 
waiting to be towed off runway, was hit by a P-47.  Both Cat E. 
24 44-67820 4L-U Lt. W. M. Huskey.  Hit by flak in left engine, Right engine then caught fire. 
24 43-34337 P2-P  Capt. G. T. McPherson.  Hit by flak over target. 
24 42-95947 P2-U 2nd Lt. P. R. Young.  Crashed 5 miles N of Luxembourg 
due to flak damage. 
24 42-107576 08-V Capt. B. C. Hanish.  Hit by flak.  Crashed. 
24 44-67902 08-F  (Hube) Lt. Clarence L. Martin.  Crashed due to sever flak damage. 
24 42-95819 P2-H Lt. J. A. Grew.  Belly landed due to severe flak damage. 
Cat E. 
24 43-34427 P2-B Lt. P. K. Bonde.  Nose wheel collapsed on landing, causing crash. 
March 1945
44-67890 4L-M 2nd Lt. J. Mazian.  Crashed on take off and wrecked. 
44-67920 4L-F Lt. G. F. Henage.  Crashed on take off and wrecked. 
8 42-107808 P2-X (Memphis Blues) Lt. J. T. Chantellier.  Crashed on take off when a tire blew out.
42-95843 08-J Lt. J. B. Willis.  Crash landed due to severe flak damage. 
undercarriage failed. 
25  42-107841 T6-A Lt. H. D. Wilson.  Crash landed due to sever flak damage. Cat E. 
42-95830 T6-M 2nd Lt. Alden D. Anderson.  Hit by flak and last seen on 
single engine over Usslen at 2500 ft.
42-95799 P2-T 2nd Lt. L. C. Hess.  Cat E damaged. 
42-95811 P2-G Lt. Ernest C. Peterson.  Hit by flak in right engine, fuel 
leak.  Turned off target and salvoed.  Landed single engine near Euskirchen.  Cat E.
April 1945
44-67929 4L-K 2nd Lt. Clark G. Johnson.  Last seen entering cloud with 
smoking engine prior to target.
44-67877 41-G Lt. W. M. Lehfeldt.  Right engine knocked out by flak over Entebuch.  Crash landed in an orchard E of Honnef.  Cat E.
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