Lab Fee Structure


The ARM Project is about supporting careful, responsible social science research and training researchers.  We offer comprehensive research services to University of Akron faculty, graduate students, and programs, as well as to local schools, agencies, community organizations, businesses and individuals.


The ARM lab facilities and equipment are available for a nominal use fee.  However, equipment cannot be rented for use outside of the lab unless ARM students and/or staff are hired to manage the equipment and its use.  ARM students are available to support equipment use, facilitate data collection and transcribe for hourly wages (see below).  Lab directors are happy to discuss specific projects to be run through the lab as they arise, with services ranging from research design, to data analysis, to software training and use.


Use Fee for the Lab Facility and Equipment                                

UA                   $50/hr or $100 for half day


Non-UA          $100/hr or $200 for half day


Use of Equipment Outside of the Lab (for both UA and non-UA constituents) [1]

Use of recorders or digital cameras                                   $10 per day per item           


Personnel Fees [2]                 

Graduate Students: $15/hr for facilitating data collection and/or transcription


Undergraduate Students: $10/hr for facilitating data collection and/or transcription


Fees for Extended Services [3]

The ARM Lab offers a variety of consultation and/or methods services including the following:

[1] Please note that this option requires the use of ARM staff to manage the equipment and its use.  Please see Personnel fees listed above.

[2] All students who work out of the ARM lab have had advanced coursework in qualitative/cultural research methods and have experience with data collection (including interviewing, observation, and focus group facilitation), analysis, and transcription.

[3] These fees are determined by the scope and time commitment of the project.  Please contact one of the Lab Directors to schedule an appointment to discuss your specific project so that fees can be determined.