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The ARM Teaching Laboratory has been designed to support the Consortium and other researchers but also to support classes that teach research methods for studying human behavior at graduate and undergraduate levels. As we develop our certificate curriculum and work toward aligned curricula among the participating departments, we emphasize hands-on activity and training for CBRSL.  The Teaching Lab is designed to facilitate systematic and coherent teaching across the courses.  It will be an ongoing goal of the ARM directors and Consortium to equip the Lab for maximum effectiveness and adaptability as new technologies and methods arise.

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The Lab space was created when Political Science and Anthropology (CSAA) secured a location in the center of Olin Hall, one of the Arts and Sciences buildings.  With support from Arts and Sciences, the College of Education and the Office of Research Services, the space was renovated. The main room accommodates up to 18 students at computer workstations. There is a faculty/lab manager workstation with storage cabinet for A/V equipment.  The room has a projection system and ample work table space for students to spread out or work together.

The interior room has been configured as a conference room/interview training room.  The large table and comfortable chairs make this a good space for seminar and Consortium meetings.  The one-way window and microphone system allow a class to observe from the main room as students or faculty demonstrate individual or group interview techniques.  

The ARM Lab is developing a stable of digital recorders, cameras, video recorders and other equipment for student and class use.  The Lab computers are in the process of acquiring software appropriate to existing research and data analysis needs.  At present these include NVivo 7, Atlas.ti, SPSS, SYSTAT, Excel and ANTHROPAC.  The lab will share an existing server with CSAA to support teaching and student projects.


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