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Developmental Physiology Laboratory

    The main focus of my lab is study of developmental physiology in vertebrates. Even though a lot of developmental processes are very similar between species of vertebrates, there are some marked differences. This is why I like to use a comparative approach when designing experiments to tease out and describe these differences. Physiological variation is also a large topic in my lab. By examining variation during development, the plasticity of developmental processes can be studied, especially during environmental perturbations. Some seemingly fragile developmental systems are more resilient than you might think. The majority of the work in the lab focuses on the cardiovascular system during development but I have recently begun investigation into the development of catecholamine synthesis. Finally, through continued research, I hope to piece together some evolutionary relationships within specific developmental processes.



Brian P. Bagatto
Department of Biology
University of Akron

ASEC-W 172
Akron, OH, 44325-3908

phone   (330) 972-2571

fax         (330) 972-8445

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