University of Akron Field Station

Flora and Fauna of the Bath Nature Preserve


Species Surveys for the Preserve

Students and faculty at the University of Akron have begun to survey the biodiversity of the Bath Nature Preserve. Our findings to date can be seen at the following links. 

Vascular Plants - >250 species, 78 Families

Invertebrates - 42 species of Lepidopterans, > 160 Insect and Spider Taxa, and >85 other invertebrates. 

Birds - 120 species (special thanks to the Greater Akron Audubon Society for many sightings!)

Algae - 35 genera

Fungi - 20 species

Mammals - 15 Species

Fish - 13 species

Amphibians and Reptiles - 13 species

Protists and Bacteria


Furthermore, we have several reports on inventory efforts by our students and associates (these are adobe acrobat ".pdf" files, and you will need the acrobat plugin to view them):

    Bath Breeding Bird Survey 2000

    Bath Butterfly Survey 2000 


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