Branchiopod Images

Ohio Branchiopods

Caenestheriella gynecia - clam shrimp (from southern Ohio)

Eubranchipus neglectus - fairy shrimp (from central Ohio). NOTE: Originally misidentified as E. vernalis (see Belk, Mura, and Weeks, In review)

Lynceus brachyurus with carapace removed - clam shrimp (from Central Ohio; collector = Mike Gray, Ohio EPA)

Lynceus brachyurus - carapace removed (top left), ½ of carapace removed (top right), and intact (bottom left).

Link to Ohio Biological Survey - Images of Ohio Fauna

Other U.S. Branchiopods

Images of Eulimnadia texana - clam shrimp from Arizona and New Mexico raised in the laboratory at the University of Akron

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