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Education and Outreach


Courses Using the Field Station

Biology:  Aquatic Ecology, Entomology (Insects), Field Ecology, Flora (Plants), Herpetology (Reptiles and Amphibians), Ichthyology (Fish), Invertebrate Zoology, Mycology (Fungi), Ornithology (Birds), Phycology (Algae), Vertebrate Biology, and Independent Studies.


Non-Biology: Advanced Geographical Information Systems, Environmental Law, Hydrology, Instructional Techniques in Secondary Science, Soil Science.


In the past, the Field Station has been the focus of several education initiatives, including the Muehlstein Academy (involving local high school students in scientific research with University of Akron faculty and students) and the GK-12 Project (funded by the National Science Foundation that helps to connect science conducted by University of Akron graduate students with students and teachers in local K-12 schools).




2015 Field Station Events (Check back often.  Events added regularly.)
Please contact us for questions:   
330-972-5122 (UA office),    330-6662919 (Field Station Office)






February 8 2 PM

Winter Walk at Chillin on the Hill Meet at the hill

Dr. Randy Mitchell
late March / early April TBA Salamander Migration Several dates.  Weather dependent, announced on webpage – sign up for updates there Dr. Peter Niewiarowski
March 5 1:30 PM

Art Walk with Mark Dion (with Synapse Collaborative of UA). Meet at UA Field Station

Dr. Matt Kolodziej
March 19 7 PM UA Work at BNP (Township’s state of the parks meeting).  UA Field Station Dr. Randy Mitchell
April 25 (May 2 as a rain date) Noon Garlic Mustard Pull. Meet at Trailhead.  Activity will be in the South Woods Mark Purdy & Dr. Randy Mitchell
May 3 1:30 Discovering Water Sources of the Tamarack Bog.  Meet at Sled Hill.  Rubber boots may be useful Dr. Ira Sasowsky
May 9 8AM Bird walk. Meet at Trailhead Dr. Anne Wiley and students
May 13 7PM Impacts of Climate Change on Marine Ecosystems
UA Field Station
Dr. Peter Lavrentyev
June  (TBA) TBA Arachaeology at the BNP Dr. Tim Matney
June 14 1PM

Pollinator Walk for
National Pollinator Week Meet at Trailhead

Dr. Randy Mitchell
July 5 1 PM Tamarack bog restoration Dr. Randy Mitchell
Sept 5 1PM

Plant walk Culinary and medicinal uses of plants

Chris Chaney (UA Grad student)
Oct 3 1 Fungal Foray.  Mushrooms of BNP Dr. Don Ott


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