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Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Studies in Biology at the University of Akron
Integrating the science of life with your career goals



  • Two year Masters degree
  • Numerous research opportunities available from molecular, organinsmal to ecology
    Faculty research supported by NIH, NSF, AHA, NOAA)
  • Department that values integration accross many biological disciplines
  • Great teaching in a small interactive classroom setting
  • A good record of job and doctoral placement upon completion of degree
  • Continued financial support thoughout your program
  • Apply your skills and learn new ones!
  • Attend and present at scientific meetings


I've got more questions! Great! We want to help. For For further information about admissions to the graduate program, contact Dr. M. Turner, Chair, Graduate Committee (

Selected examples of recently completed Masters Theses:

2004. Jennifer Purrenhage. "Regional population structure of spotted salamanders (Ambystoma maculatum) in a fragmented landscape.
2004. Erin Lawrence. "Omniverous bird community demonstrates a weak connection to primary productivity in grassland food web"
2004. Elaheh Azodi. "Analysis of N-cadherin function in the development of zebrafish (Danio rerio) retinal ganglion cells.
2004. Christian Picard. "Nutrient removal in treatment wetlands at two scales"
2004. Jamie Rogers. “Sex Hormone Profiles of ellderly men residing in a nursing Home vs. a healthy population of College Men- A Pilot Study”
2004. Bobbie Kenna. “Efficacy of Ximelagatran in Enhancing the Performance of Small Diameter Prosthetic Grafts in a Canine Model”.
2004. Ameber Kerstetter. "Cadherin expression and function in the pectoral limb bud and fin of the developoing zebrafish"
2004. Erin Madson. "Effects of herbivory and granivory on the seed bank in a wet meadow"
2004. Cameron Carlyle. "To strive, to seek, and not to yield: testing juvenile plant competitive response strategies"
2003. Stacey Spanovich. "Seasonal effects on circulating leptin in the lizard Sceloporus undulatus from two populations"
2003. Miller, SR. Effects of local density and population size on pollination and female reproductive success in Lupinus perennis (Fabaceae).
2003. Adam Underwood. "Expression of multiple unique SRY loci in male SHR/AKR"
2003. Colin Everhard. “The Development of a Low Blood Pressure Line of Rats”.
2003. Mindy Murdock. "Effects of seasonal testosterone and sexual dimorphism on locomotor performance variation in the eastern fence lizard (Sceloporus undulatus)"
2002. Jim Pinettte. “The Effects of Sympathetic Nervous System Stimulation on Blood Pressure and Testosterone Levels in Neonatal Normotensive and Borderline Hypertensive Male Rats”.

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