Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students & Field Collecting Trips

Interested PhD students should note that we are offering PhD assistantships in our new Integrated Bioscience PhD program, which include a generous stipend plus tuition remission for 5 years.

Current Graduate Students


Past Graduate Students

Honorary Graduate Students (i.e., undergrads who work as hard as grads!)

Bryan Brown (2009-2011)

Field Collecting Trips

Australia Trip - 2009

The campus at Edith Cowan University

Steve getting ready for the field trip in Clint McCullough's lab.

Clint McCullough with an echidna we caught on top of a granite outcrop!!

Clint taking water quality samples from one of the filled pools

For more pictures of the research conducted on this trip, click here.

Thailand Trip - 2006

Our trip was graciously funded by Dr. La-orsri Sanoamuang. Thanks!

La-orsri showing us her fairy shrimp rearing lab in Khon Kaen University

Steve collecting soil from a rice paddy with La-orsri's graduate students.

One of the numerous, beautiful temples on the drive from Khon Kaen to Chang Mai

A HUGE reclining buddha!

New Mexico/Arizona Field Collections 2003-2005

Undergraduate Amanda Crow in Arizona

Sadie Reed in Arizona

South-Eastern U.S. Collecting Trip - 2004

Tom & Ryan find our first sign of clam shrimp outside of New Orleans!

"I've got my net, I've got my stick; hey, I'm ready to collect me some clam shrimp!"

Steve, Tom and Ryan discover the world's only known PLASTIC clam shrimp!

Tom and Ryan collecting soil atop Stone Mountain in Georgia.

Venezuela Trip - 2002

Research lab in Dr. Guido Pereira's lab in Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela

Collecting trip to Margarita Island, Venezuela

Australia Collecting Trip, 2003

Magdalena collecting soil atop a granite outcrop outside of Perth, Australia

Brian Timms on the "world's most dangerous clam shrimp pools" - located meters away from a 100+ meter cliff (see right picture) in Kanagra Walls near Sydney, Australia

Filled rock pool (left) and mated pair of Limnadia badia (right)

Night sky over Wanara Rock

Checking out clam shrimp at the ILBS-5 in Western Australia

Other Pictures

Undergraduates Mike and Jon measuring shrimp.

Undergraduate Matressa prepping shrimp for cellulose acetate electrophoresis.

Thai visitors Dr. La-orsri Sanoamuang (far right) and family with Sadie and Chiara.

Chiara painting the "new and improved" student office (in a lab coat, no less!)


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