Stephen C. Weeks

1. Steve checking out clam shrimp in Australian rock pools; 2. Steve's girls, Steve, and Steve's Australian colleagues.

Current Research

Research Highlights

Our clam shrimp research has been highlighted in both the journals Science and Nature:

Nature, 2005. 438:893

Science, 2006. 313:1381

Our research on hermaphrodites and males has also been highlighted in the popular press:

Philadelphia Enquirer: Don't worry, men: Evolution shows you're still needed by Faye Flam (Oct., 2006)

Slate Magazine: Pas de Deux. Why are there only two sexes? by Amanda Schaffer (Sept. 27, 2007)

Areas of Interest



PhD assistantships are being offered in our Integrated Bioscience PhD program, which include generous stipends plus tuition remission for 5 years. Please check out the above link for more information!

Courses Taught

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Branchiopod Crustacean Information

The Triops Information Page - Information about tadpole shrimp

Branchiopod Images- Pictures of Branchiopods - Information about all known crustacea

The Large Branchiopod Bibliography - A list of many large branchiopod original publications from the 1800's to present (exclusive of papers on Artemia)

Large Branchiopod Google Earth Data Base - A downloadable data set for users of Google Earth that contains location and species information for large branchiopods around the world

Bibliography - A List of Published Papers of Original Research

Curriculum Vitae (pdf - Current as of May 14, 2015)

Funded Research

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