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The primary mission of this web site is to facilitate the dissemination of data collected a number of researchers investigating various aspects of hornwort biology.  In particular this site includes an overview of a collaborative research project between Dr. Renzaglia (Southern Illinois University) and Dr. Duff (University of Akron) and other researchers from around the world including Dr. Chris Cargill from the Australian National Herbarium at the Center for Plant Biodiversity Research (CANB). 

The goals of this collaborative project are to:    1) produce a molecular phylogeny of Anthocerotes, 2) produce a new classification of hornworts at higher taxonomic levels 3) investigate biogeographic and phylogeographic patterns among genera and species of hornworts.  

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This web site and the research projects described here are supported by grants from the National Science Foundation (DEB 0235919 and 0235985) to Dr. Joel Duff, University of Akron and Dr. Renzaglia (Southern Illinois University).  This funded project is entitled:  "Collaborative Research:  Biodiversity, Phylogeny and Biogeography of Hornworts"

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Hornwort bibliography:  Hot of the Press!

The latest papers which make comment on hornwort biology:

  • Molecular circumscription of the hornworts (Anthocerotophyta) based on the chloroplast DNA trnL-trnF region. Stech M, Quandt D, Frey W JOURNAL OF PLANT RESEARCH 116 (5): 389-398 OCT 2003
  • Variability of the pyrenoid-based CO2 concentrating mechanism in hornworts (Anthocerotophyta) Hanson D, Andrews TJ, Badger MR FUNCTIONAL PLANT BIOLOGY 29: (2-3) 407-416 2002
  • RNA editing in hornwort chloroplasts makes more than half the genes functional. Kugita M, Yamamoto Y, Fujikawa T, Matsumoto T, Yoshinaga K. NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH
    31 (9): 2417-2423 MAY 1 2003
  • Selection pressures on stomatal evolution  Raven JA  NEW PHYTOLOGIST 153:(3) 371-386 MAR 2002 (deals with the origin of stomates in the first land plants)
  • An estimate of mature spore production in Anthoceros agrestis in Switzerland Bisang I  JOURNAL OF BRYOLOGY 23: 142-145, Part 2 2001

Hornwort Bibliography
Click HERE for a list of references dealing with all aspects of hornwort biology.  Please write me (rjduff@uakron.edu) for additions to this list)


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