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Links to pictures and descriptions of hornworts available on the internet
  • Pictures and description: Hornwort description and light microscopy pictures by Paul Davison (University of Northern Alabama)
  • Phylum description:  From Nickrent and Renzaglia Hornwort Page
  • Overview:  from Nickrent and Renzaglia Hornwort page including many spectacular TEM, SEM and light microscopy pictures of all aspects of hornwort biology.  Many of these pictures are from Dr. Renzaglia's previous work on hornwort ultrastucture, development, and sperm morphology.
  • Phaeoceros:  Nice page on anatomy, lifehistory, and physiology of Phaeoceros provided by Morgan Vis and Emily Miller from Ohio University
  • Hornworts from the American Bryological Catolog from the New York Botanical Garden

Updated May 17, 2004

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