Randall J. Mitchell

Professor of Biology

University of Akron



Room 177, Auburn Science & Engineering Center. 


Department of Biology

University of Akron

Akron, OH 44325-3908



o    Path analysis

o    Evolutionary Biology in K-16 education

o    Biology Education

o    Integrated Bioscience PhD program at The University of Akron. Here is an example of how students interested in working with me might fit into that program- if you are interested in doing PhD work with me, please contact me!


Special topics or occasional courses

o    Biology of Inbreeding Seminar (Team-taught with Dr. Weeks - not currently scheduled)

o    Graduate Seminar on Invasive Species. Fall 2002, not currently scheduled

o    Scientific Writing - 3100:695. Fall 2003; not currently scheduled

Jobs in Field Biology (and other areas of Biology) -- A how-to page we maintain here at the University of Akron. Emphasizes local opportunities for employment and experience.


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