Abstract - Ohio Journal of Science, 1997

A survey of the non-cladoceran (e.g., "large") branchiopod crustaceans of Ohio was undertaken to identify the current distribution of these temporary pool inhabitants. A total of 49 temporary pools spanning 15 counties in Ohio were found to contain large branchiopods. Three species of large branchiopods were identified: two cold-water anostracans (Eubranchipus neglectus and E. bundyi) and one warm-water conchostracan (Caenestheriella gynecia). Of these three, E. neglectus was the most common, being found in 46 sites. The other two were comparatively rare, with E. bundyi found in 4 sites, and only one site having C. gynecia. The relative abundance of the anostracans is approximately similar to earlier surveys, indicating that where these temporary pools still exist, conditions remain conducive for survival of these shrimp. Four additional branchiopod species that have been previously described from Ohio (Eubranchipus holmani, Lynceus brachyurus, Eulimnadia inflecta, and Cyxicus morsei) were not found in this survey.

Last Updated : 6/12/98
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