the Ecology and Evolution

of Plant-Pollinator Interactions


Milwaukee Wisconsin USA

August 2-3 2008


A conference held in conjunction with

the annual meeting of

the Ecological Society of America




A two-day conference on the Ecology and Evolution of Plant-Pollinator Interactions will be held on August 2-3, 2008, immediately prior to the Ecological Society of America Meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. 






In response to popular demand, and because so few of us had time to look at the many interesting posters at the conference, poster presenters were invited to send a pdf which we have placed on the poster webpage for your enjoyment.


Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable conference!

Jeff, Randy, Becky



UPDATE May 2009

Many papers from the symposium are included in a special 'Plant-Pollinator Interactions' issue of Annals of Botany

(June; Volume 103, #9).

Click here for more.


The goal of this conference is to highlight the most exciting recent advances in community and evolutionary pollination biology, and foster interaction among pollination biologists.  We aim to encourage a unified framework to the study of community and evolutionary approaches, and to draw attention to largely unexplored questions at the intersection of these disciplines. This two-day conference will feature 23 speakers from five continents, as well as a poster session.    















Conference speakers and topics have been selected to complement, rather than repeat, the major themes covered at the 2007 International Pollinator Symposium.  The 30 minute symposium presentations will be scheduled throughout the day on Saturday, August 2 and Sunday, August 3.  To promote interaction between symposium speakers and participants, there are planned breaks with time for discussion as well as a two-hour poster session and reception on the evening of Saturday, August 2.  The poster session will provide an outstanding opportunity for pollination ecologists at all levels to share ideas. 


REGISTRATION: Individuals planning to attend the Pollination Conference must register for the ESA meeting as well: .  There are two registration options:

a)  If you plan to attend BOTH the Pollination Conference and the Main ESA meeting, you should pay the ESA annual meeting fee (approx. $ 140 for student members; $ 285 for regular members) PLUS the Pollination Conference fee of $ 50.  


b)  If you plan to attend the Pollination Conference, but will NOT be attending the Main ESA meeting, you should pay the “ESA one-event registration fee” of $ 45 PLUS the Pollination Conference Fee of $ 50.  Note that the total cost of registration for this option would be $95. 


POSTER PRESENTATIONSThe deadline for submitting poster titles has now passed.


POSTER DIMENSIONS:  ESA poster boards are approximately 2.4 m wide x 1.2 m tall (8 x 4 feet).  Please design your poster to be at least 5 cm (2 inch) smaller on each margin.  


HOUSING:  ESA has reserved a limited number of hotel rooms and dorm rooms for Friday and Saturday evenings.  See the ESA housing link for more information.


ESA MEETINGS:  We encourage participants to stay throughout the week and attend the ESA annual meeting (August 3-8) that follows the Pollination Conference. The link for the ESA meeting page is:


    Other ESA Pollination talks - Five sessions are likely to be of particular interest to students of pollination include:



CONTACT:  If you have questions about this Pollination Conference, please contact Jeff Karron (karron_at_uwm_dot_edu), Randy Mitchell (rjm2_at_uakron_dot_edu), or Rebecca Irwin (Rebecca_dot_Irwin_at_Dartmouth_dot_edu).


The Pollination Conference is being generously supported by the Ecological Society of America and the Annals of Botany Company 



images by Jeff Karron, Rebecca Irwin, Brad Taylor, Wendy Brown, Nathan Muchhala, and Randy Mitchell


Last updated May 14, 2009