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Welcome to the Brazilian Music Collection of The University of Akron Bierce Library. This collection focuses on the scores, manuscripts and recordings of the works of classical Brazilian composers, from the 18th to the 20th Centuries.

This collection was initiated by the many contributions made by Brazilian composers and musicologists for the 1991 University of Akron BrazilFest, researched and organized by Professor James Ryon at The University of Akron School of Music, with the generous assistance of Maestro Jose Vieirã Brandéo at the Brazilian Conservatory in Rio de Janeiro.

The collection is dedicated to the memory of Walter Burle Marx, Brazilian composer/ conductor/pianist, whose entire opus was contributed to the collection in 1997 by his daughters, Madalena Burle Marx and Leonora Cohen.

Burle Marx & Villa-Lobos(15k)

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