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         Born in 1981 in São Paulo, Ms. de Campos studied piano with Ema Lubrano Franco and Léo Peracchi and music theory and composition with Furio Franceschini, Caldeira Filho and Osvaldo Lacerda. Since the 1960's, she has studied composition with Camargo Guarnieri. In 1964, after she had been working as Magda Tagliaferro's assistant-pianist, she founded her own piano school.
         As teacher, she was responsible for the musical background of several Brazilian pianists such as Caio Pagano, Mafalda Carneiro and Yukie Nishikawa, winners of Premio de Piano Eldorado (1962 e 1963) and the latest Premio Eldorado de Musica (1987), and Karin Fernandes, winnner of the 1999 Premio Eldorado de Musica - these among Brazil's most respected piano contests.
         Since her adolescence, Lina has composed popular music using her maiden name, Lina Del Vecchio. Her family owns the guitar factory Del Vecchio.
         She has received several awards as composer, such as the medal Roquete Pinto, the second award in composition by Radio Mec, both in 1961.
         Her works have been published by Irmãos Vitale, Ricordi, Musicália and Cultura Musical Editors. In 1977 she had her catalogue of pieces edited by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Relations.
         In 1984 she recorded an LP, 25 Years of Composition, with her pieces for the piano, including duets for flute and piano, and songs for voice and piano. In 1998 she recorded a CD of her complete works for the piano with Caio Pagano as soloist. Another CD, with pieces for flute, guitar, and voice, featuring Maria Jose Carrasqueira (pianist) and Lenice Prioli (singer) was released in 2000.
         Her pieces for flute solo titled Improvisação I, II e III have become test-quiz pieces among students in European universities. Lina Pires de Campos has been keeping a very intense rythm of work, both as composer and teacher.

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