Sérgio Oliveira de Vasconcellos Corrêa

b. São Paulo, Brazil, 1934.
      Corrêa graduated in the Drama and Music Conseratory of São Paulo. In 1956 he began his composition studies with Camargo Guarnieri, and harmony and choral conducting with Martin Braunwieser. He also studied conducting with Swarowski and Simon Blech.
      Corrêa has been awarded many prizes for his works. Among them is the Classical Musician 1974 for his works as a whole, awarded by the Paulista Association of Art Critics. He was also the first composer to be awarded the Governor of the State prize in 1974. He developed and grew as a critic in the newspaper of São Paulo, Folha da Tarde.
      Corrêa is also a very active teacher. He has taught in numerous schools and universities throughout Brazil, and has been a professor in the Music Department of the Art Institute of the Paulista University (Universidade Estadual Paulista - IAP - Unesp).

            Adapted from notes from CD Compositores Latino Americanos 1, 2, 3; São Paulo : Sonopress, p1995

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