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Osvaldo Lacerda
b. 1927 - Sao Paulo, Brazil
   Osvaldo Lacerda began piano studies at age nine, with Ana Veloso de Rezende, and later, with Maria dos Anjos Oliveira Rocha and Jose Kliass.
   From 1952 to 1962, he studied Composition with Camargo Guarnieri, under whose orientation his compositional character developed and to whom he owed the beginning of his career. His aesthetic credo is that of a refined nationalism, resulting from his extensive knowledge of the characteristics of Brazilian music, combined with solid training in modern techniques of composition.
   In 1963, he spent a year in the United States as a Guggenheim Foundation Fellow, the first Brazilian Composer to be awarded such a distinguished fellowship. He then took classes of Composition with Vittorio Giannini in New York City, and Aaron Copland in Tanglewood.
   He received several national prizes for composition. His numberous works that have been frequently performed in Brazil and abroad include pieces for piano, voice and piano, chorus, chamber ensembles, orchestra, and band, many of which are published and recorded (thriteen music publishers in Brazil, six in Germany, three in the United States, and one in England).
   He founded and directed four musical societies in Sao Paulo, among them the Sociedade Pro Musica Brasileira (1961-66) and the Centro de Musica Brasileira (since 1974), of which he is the president.
   Lacerda is an active music teacher and has taught in various schools in Sao Paulo, having given music courses in many cities of Brazil.

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