Gilberto Mendes (????bytes)

b. Santos, Brazil, 1922.
      Gilberto Mendes began his musical studies when was eighteen in the Conservatory of Music of Santos. There he studied theory under Savino de Benedictis, and piano under Antonieta Rudge.
      He was one of the signatories of the "New Music Manifest" ("Manifesto Música Nova" - Invenção magazine, 1963). In the sixties, Mendes was one of the first in Brazil to compose concrete, aleatoric, microtonal and "musical theatre", new grafisms, and mixed-media experiences. He taught composition in several universities, including the University of Wisconson in Milwaukee as guest professor in 1978-79, and the University of Texas in Austin as Tinker Visiting Professor in the spring of 1983. He is a professor in the Music Department of the Arts and Communication School of the University of São Paulo (ECA-USP). He concieved and organized the "New Music Festival of Santos" (Festival Música Nova de Santos), now the oldest show of contemperary vangaurd music in all of Latin America.

            Adapted from notes from CD Compositores Latino Americanos 1, 2, 3; São Paulo : Sonopress, p1995

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