Marlos Nobre (1223bytes)

b. Recife, Feb. 18, 1939.
     He studied piano and composition at the Pernambuco Conservatory (graduated, 1955) and at the Ernani Braga Institute (graduated, 1959); in 1960, went to Rio de Janeiro, where he took composition lessons with H.J. Koellreutter, later studied with Camargo Guarnieri at the Sao Paulo Conservatory (196162) and with Alberto Ginastera in Buenos Aires (1963-64); took a course in electronic music with Ussachevsky at Columbia University (1969); was music director of the National Symony Orchestra of Brazil (1971-76); then was president of the National Music Institute of the National Foundation of the Arts (197679).
     Despite a somewhat quaquaversal efflux of styles and idioms to which he was exposed during his student days, he succeeded in forming a strongly individual manner of musical self-expression, in which sonorous and structural elements are effectively combined with impressionistic, pointillistic, and serial techniques, supplemented by restrained aleatory procedures. He is one of the few contemporary Latin-American composers who does not disdain to make use of native melorhythmic inflections, resulting in ingratiating harmoniousness.

     Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, 8th ed., s.v. "Marlos Nobre."

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