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BrazilFest '91(1415bytes)

     BrazilFest '91 was a celebration of Brazilian Art and Culture held at the University of Akron during the month of April, 1991. Organized by James Ryon, Associate Professor of Music at the University of Akron School of Music, BrazilFest events included the participation and sponsorship of the following organizations:

University of Akron -

School of Music
Department of Dance
School of Art
Department of African-American Studies
Department of Biology
School of Home Economics and Family Ecology
Gardner Student Center

Film Theatre
Educational Research Development Center
Akron Public Schools (Music and Art)
Akron Round Table
Ohio Music Educator's Association
Itamaraty (Brazilian State Department)
Burle Marx Music Society

Guest Artists included:

M. Camargo Guarnieri - pianist, composer and conductor
Cynthia Priolli - pianist
Eugene Rausa - engineer, percussionist, photographer
Alex Klein - oboist
George Sakakeeny - bassoonist
Larry McDonald - clarinetist