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Collaborative Center in Polymer Photonics

Goodyear Polymer Center

University of Akron

Statement of Objectives

The overall research objective of the Center is the development of polymer-based materials and fabrication methods for photonic applications.  To accomplish this objective research on various aspects of the following topics is being carried out: (1) Assembly of polymer (or hybrid) materials into structures having photonic properties; (2) Development of AFM-assisted, electrostatic nanolithography techniques; (3) Polymers having linear optical properties; (4) Conducting and magnetic polymers in photonic applications; (5) Polymers having photovoltaic activity or energy conversion and storage activity; (6) Light emitting behaviors in polymers and oligomers; (7) Modeling interactions between light and polymer structure at the quantum, atomic, or mesoscopic level; and (8) Development of experimental or theoretical methods to characterize these polymers.




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