In the event that you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding CPGSO, the officer board hopes that you will feel free to approach them with your thoughts. Each officer has a mailbox or folder in his/her respective department, in which you can leave a note. In addition, e-mail is a good way to reach the officers. The following is a list of officers' e-mail addresses:

CPGSO Officers:

Stephanie Judson, President

Derek McKay, Vice President

Myriam Kadeba, Secretary

Nate Kerr, Treasurer

Heather Sperry, DoP representative, Philanthropy Chair

Megan Yetzer, DoP representative, Membership Chair

Liz Teixeira, DoC representative, Social Chair

Mike Cadaret, DoC representative, Newsletter Chair

Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Suzette L. Speight, Advisor - Department of Psychology