Friday, January 3, 2003

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8:00 am



Outcomes Assessment in Undergraduate Economics (A2)


Presiding:  WILLIAM BECKER, Indiana University


      PAUL W. GRIMES, MEGHAN MILLEA, and THOMAS W. WOODRUFF, Mississippi State University--Grades--Who's to Blame? Student Evaluation of Teaching and Locus of Control


      ANGELINE M. LAVIN, University of South Dakota, and JOSEPH SANTOS, South Dakota State University--Do As I Do, Not As I Say: Assessing Outcomes When Students Think Like Economists


      WILLIAM BOSSHARDT, Florida Atlantic University--Student Drops and Failure in Economic Principles Courses


      WAYNE A. GROVE and TIM WASSERMAN, Syracuse University--The Academic Life-Cycle of Students: A Longitudinal Study of Scholastic Assessment and Learning


Discussants: WILLIAM BECKER, Indiana University

      MASANORI HASHIMOTO, Ohio State University

      KIM SOSIN, University of Nebraska-Omaha

      GARY FOURNIER, Florida State University



10:15 am



Preparing and Improving the Economics Teacher (A2)


Presiding:  N. GREGORY MANKIW, Harvard University


      WILLIAM WALSTAD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and WILLIAM BECKER, Indiana University--Teaching Preparation in Graduate Economics Programs: A Survey of Economics Departments


      MICHAEL SALEMI, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill--University Programs to Prepare Economics Graduate Students for Teaching


      RAE JEAN GOODMAN, U.S. Naval Academy,  MARK MAIER, Glendale College, and ROBERT L. MOORE, Occidental College--Regional Workshops to Improve the Teaching Skills of Economics Faculty


Discussants:  KIMMARIE McGOLDRICK, University of Richmond

      STEPHEN BUCKLES, Vanderbilt University

      THOMAS HUSTED, American University





2:30 pm



Student Performance and the Role of the Teacher (A2)


Presiding: BILL BOSSHARDT, Florida Atlantic University


      SHERMAN ROLLAND, Oakland University--Contributions to Value-Added in College Level Economics Performance


      MICHAEL K. BLOCK, University of Arizona, and WILLIAM J. BOYES, Arizona State University--Economic Literacy and Economic Understanding: Do They Go Hand in Hand?


      PETER R. KRESSLER and CHRISTINE A. JOHNSON, Rowan University--Innovative Teaching: What Is the Missing Link?


      ROBERT HARRIS, Indiana University Purdue University-Indianapolis--Economic Understanding Among College Students in the U.S. and China: Evidence from the Test of Economic Literacy


Discussants: BRIAN SCHULTZ, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

      JANE LOPUS, California State University-Hayward

      JOSE J. BAUTISTA, Xavier University

      BARRY R. CHISWICK, University of Illinois-Chicago




Saturday, January 4, 2003

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8:00 am



Active Learning Strategies for the College and University Economics Classroom, I:

Funding for Projects to Advance the Teaching and Learning of Economics


Presiding:  MARK H. MAIER, Glendale College

      MYLES BOYLAN, National Science Foundation

      MARY HUBER, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching



      ANNE E. BRESNOCK, California State Polytechnic University-Pomona--SimEcon: Economic Issues and Principles


      CHARLES HOLT, University of Virginia--Veconlab


      SHERYL BALL and CATHERINE ECKEL, Virginia Tech--Classroom Experiments for Large Lecture Courses: A Wireless Solution


      SCOTT SIMKINS, North Carolina A&T University--Just in Time Teaching


      TOD PORTER, Youngstown State University--An Internet Simulation for Microeconomics


      ROCHELLE RUFFER, Youngstown State University--Identifying Conceptional Problems in Principles of Microeconomics


      LAURENCE MALONE, Hartwick College--Peer Critical Learning in Microeconomic Principles



10:15 am



Active Learning Strategies for the College and University Economics Classroom, II:

Workshop on Web Games and Strategy: Recipes for  Interactive Learning in Economics (A2)


Presiding:  LAURA RAZZOLINI, University of Mississippi

      CHARLES HOLT, University of Virginia

      LISA ANDERSON, College of William and Mary



2:30 pm



Active Learning Strategies for the College and University Economics Classroom, III:

Poster Session--Teaching Techniques That Promote Active Learning (A2)


Coordinators:  RAE JEAN GOODMAN, U.S. Naval Academy, and MARK H. MAIER, Glendale College


      CALVIN BLACKWELL, College of Charleston--Eliciting Information from Students in an Incentive Compatible Manner


      MARCELO CLERICI-ARIAS and MARK TENDALL, Stanford University--Using an Automated Student Response System in the Classroom


      DONALD A. COFFIN, Indiana University Northwest--An Industry-Based Course in Introductory Microeconomics


      MAYA FEDERMAN, Pitzer College--Small Group Discussions


      ALAN D. HAIGHT, Bowling Green State University--The Grade Tax: A Civics Lesson


      GAIL MITCHELL HOYT, RACHEL LANGE, and CHRISTINE LLOYD, University of Kentucky--A Dramatic Change for the Dismal Science: Using Dramatic Presentations in a Microeconomics Principles Course


      BROOKS KAISER and CHARLES WEISE, Gettysburg College--A Financial System for Principles Courses


      JENNIFER KEIL, Hamlin University--Pre and Post Knowledge Check in Microeconomics Principles


      PETER R. KRESSLER and CHRISTINE A. JOHNSTON, Rowan University--Innovative Teaching: What Is the Missing Link?


      ROBERT L. MOORE, Occidental College--A Different Introductory Economics Sequence


      STEVEN C. MYERS and MICHAEL NELSON, University of Akron--Teaching Economics on the Web--A Study of Student Success


      NICHOLS R. NOBLE, Miami University--A Service Learning Project in a Principles of Economics Courses


      ROBERT S. RYCROFT, Mary Washington College--Estimating a Plane: Economics in the Third Dimension




2:30 pm



New Ideas for Teaching College Economics (A2)


Presiding: JANE LOPUS, California State University-Hayward


      JOSE J. BAUTISTA, Xavier University--Teaching and Assessing Consumer Theory in Principles of Microeconomics


      SAUL MEKIES, Kirkwood Community College--Synthesizing Economics and Other Disciplines in the Classroom Using Multimedia Technology


      MOHAMMAD ASHRAF, University of North Carolina-Pembroke--Groups and Group Projects as Pedagogical Tools: An Analysis Using Game Theory


Discussants: LYNN PARINGER, California State University-Hayward

      PASCAL NGOBOKA, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

      HELEN ROBERTS, University of Illinois-Chicago



2:30 pm



Chapter Advisors' Session on Teaching Economics


Presiding: JAMES BRADLEY, JR., Univeristy of South Carolina


      FLORENCE P. SHU, State University of New York College at Potsdam--Tailoring Towards Non-conventional Economics Teaching


      ANN L. OWEN and ELIZABETH J. JENSEN, Hamilton College--Learning About Learning: Students' Course Choice


      JOE TIMMERMAN, State University of New York College at Potsdam--Teaching Business Curriculum in a Liberal Arts Environment


Discussants: ANN L. OWEN, Hamilton College

      JOE TIMMERMAN, State University of New York College at Potsdam

      FLORENCE P. SHU, State University of New York College at Potsdam




Sunday, January 5, 2003

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(Because of problems with the Metro Subway System, sessions today will start 30 minutes later than normal--such as 8:30 am, 10:45 am, and 1:30 pm.)



8:30 am



Mentoring and Its Role in Professional Development


Presiding:  JOAN G. HAWORTH, Economic Research Service


      ROBIN L. BARTLETT and ANDREA L. ZIEGERT, Denison University--Team Mentoring versus Traditional Mentoring: A Case Study of the CCOFFE Workshop


Discussants:  RONALD EHRENBERG, Cornell University

      CECILIA CONRAD, Pomona College



8:30 am



Computer Assisted Instruction: Software Applications (A2)


Presiding:  TOD PORTER, Youngstown State University


      DAVID FRIEDMAN, University of Santa Clara--A Shareware Project for Economists


      CHARLES HAASE, San Francisco State University--An Evaluation of the Websites of Principles Texts


      ELIZABETH GRANITZ, Southampton College--Using Macromedia's Flash to Enhance Student Learning


Discussants:  ANNE BRESNOCK, California State Polytechnic University-Pomona

      THOMAS CREAHAN, Morehead State University




8:30 am



Maximizing Student Performance in Principles of Economics (A2)


Presiding: STEVEN L. COBB, University of North Texas


      LINDA S. GHENT, Eastern Illinois University, and MARIE TRUESDELL, Marian College--Methods to Encourage Attendance in Principles Courses: The Carrot or the Stick?


      PASCAL NGOBOKA and BRIAN SCHULTZ, University of Wisconsin-River Falls--Does Class Size Affect Student Academic Performance in Micro or Macro Principles? The UW-River Falls Case


      KAY E. STRONG, Bowling Green State University-Firelands--Portfolio Approach to Assessment in Introductory Economics


      PAT GRAHAM, University of Northern Colorado--Can Chalk and Talkers Change Their Teaching Style?


Discussants: BILL BOSSHARDT, Florida Atlantic University

      PETER R. KRESSLER, Rown University

      ROBERT HARRIS, Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis

      SAUL MEKIES, Kirkwood Community College



10:45 am



Computer Assisted Instruction: Instructional Uses of the Web (A2)


Presiding:  BETTY J. BLECHA, San Francisco State University


      FRANK P. STAFFORD, University of Michigan--Using the Panel Study of Income Dynamics to Support Instruction


      SCOTT SIMKINS, North Carolina A&T State University, and MARK H. MAIER, Glendale College--The Use of Technology in Just-in-Time Instruction


      JEAN SOPER, University of Leicester, JOHN SLOMAN, University of the West of England, and INNA POMORINA, University of Bristol--The Learning and Teaching Support Network


      DAVID G. BROWN, Wake Forest University--Future Uses of Technology in Economics Instruction


Discussants:  MICHAEL LOVELL, Wesleyan University

      TERESA RILEY, Youngstown State University



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