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Preliminary Announcement of the Program







Philadelphia, PA, January 7-9, 2005




Friday, January 7, 2005


Jan. 7, 8:00 am



Issues in Economics Curriculum Development and Research


Presiding: KIM SOSIN, University of Nebraska-Omaha


      FEKRU DEBEBE, Educational Testing Service, and DENNIS PLACONE, Clemson University--What Do Colleges and Universities Teach in the Introductory-Level Macroeconomics Course?


      DAVID R. ROSS, Bryn Mawr College--How Do We Incorporate Quantitative Methods into the Economics Curriculum?


      DENISE ROBSON and LEE VANSCYOC, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh--Undergraduate Economics Curricula at Liberal Arts Colleges


      ANGELA K. DILLS and REY J. HERNANDEZ, Clemson University--Economics Transfer Students and College Quality


Discussants: ABDI FERDOWSI, Ferris State University

      MOHAMMAD ASHRAF, University of North Carolina-Pembroke

      TAWNI FERRARINI, Northern Michigan University

      EDWARD M. SCAHILL, University of Scranton



Jan. 7, 10:15 am



New Developments in High School Economics (A2)


Presiding: MICHAEL WATTS, Purdue University


      ALAN KRUEGER, Princeton University--Using a Web Questionnaire for Interactive Economics Instruction with High School Students


       DON R. LEET, California State University-Fresno, and JANE S. LOPUS, California State University-Hayward--A Review of High School Economics Textbooks


      STEPHEN BUCKLES, Vanderbilt University, and WILLIAM WALSTAD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln--The National Assessment of Educational Progress in Economics: Framework, Features, and Specifications


      WILLIAM WALSTAD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and MICHAEL WATTS, Purdue University--Research in Economic Education in the Schools: Findings and an Agenda


Discussants: RAE JEAN GOODMAN, U.S. Naval Academy

      BONNIE MESZAROS, University of Delaware

      GAIL HOYT, University of Kentucky

      CLAIRE MELICAN, National Council on Economic Education




Jan. 7, 2:30 pm



Perspectives on Research and Teaching in Economics (A2)


Presiding: DANIEL S. HAMERMESH, University of Texas-Austin


      WILLIAM E. BECKER, JR., Indiana University, and PETER KENNEDY, Simon Fraser University--Does Teaching Enhance Research in Economics?


      WILLIAM WALSTAD and SAM ALLGOOD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln--Research and Teaching in Economics and Other Subjects: Findings from a National Survey of Faculty


      RONALD G. EHRENBERG, Cornell University--An Increased Usage of Contingent Faculty Doesn't Have to Mean Less Undergraduate Student Involvement in Research


Discussants: JOHN J. SIEGFRIED, Vanderbilt University

      CECILIA ROUSE, Princeton University

      DAVID COLANDER, Middlebury College



Saturday, January 8, 2005


Jan. 8, 8:00 am



Active Learning Strategies for the College and University Economics Classroom--Class

Discussion After an Experiment: Making Sure That the Students Get It


Presiding: RACHEL CROSON, University of Pennsylvania

      MARK H. MAIER, Glendale College

      CHARLES HOLT, University of Virginia

      LISA ANDERSON, College of William and Mary

      DAVID REILEY, University of Arizona



Jan. 8, 8:00 am



Using Writing Across the Curriculum in the History of Economics Course

(Roundtable) (A2, B0)


Presiding: SHERRYL KASPER, Maryville College

      BRAD BATEMAN, Grinnell College

      BRUCE CALDWELL, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

      AVI COHEN, York University

      ROSS EMMETT, Michigan State University

      SHERRYL KASPER, Maryville College




Jan. 8, 8:00 am



Frontiers in the Teaching of Economics (A2)


Presiding: JAMES BRADLEY, JR., University of South Carolina


      CATHY MINERS, LAURENCE MINERS, and KATHRYN NANTZ, Fairfield University--Matching Assessment Models to Project Goals: A Case Study in Introductory Economics Course Redesign


      JILL L. CAVIGLIA-HARRIS, Salisbury University--Can Attendance Requirements Improve Student Performance in Large Lectures?


      LEWIS SAGE, Baldwin-Wallace College--Modeling Spatial Monopoly with Undergraduates: The Map is Not the Territory


      GWENDOLYN ALEXANDER, Fordham University--An Experiment with Illegal Drugs: Markets, Prohibition and Elasticity


      THOMAS HYCLAK, Lehigh University--Blazing Trails on the Economics Curriculum Cyber Frontier: Lessons Learned from the Clipper Project


Discussants: THOMAS A. SWANKE, Chadron State College

      STEPHEN SCHMIDT, Union College

      JEFFREY COHEN, University of Hartford




Jan. 8, 10:15 am



Active Learning Strategies for the College and University Economics Classroom--Interactive Learning:

A New Program of Faculty Workshops and Follow-on Instruction Sponsored by the AEA Committee

on Economic Education and the National Science Foundation


Presiding: MICHAEL K. SALEMI, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

      MICHAEL K. SALEMI, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

      WILLIAM WALSTAD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

      KIMMARIE McGOLDRICK, University of Richmond




Jan. 8, 10:15 am



New Methods for Teaching Economics: A Critical Evaluation


Presiding: DENNIS PLACONE, Clemson University


      MOHAMMAD ASHRAF, University of North Carolina-Pembroke--Group Projects in the Classroom: Implications of the Envelope Theorem


      TAWNI FERRARINI and SANDRA POINDEXTER, Northern Michigan University--Strategic Technology Integration in Economics Courses: Guided by Long-Term Instructional Use, Pedagogical Considerations and Student Preferences


      CHIARA GRATTON-LAVOIE and DENISE STANLEY, California State University-Fullerton--Teaching and Learning Principles of Microeconomics Online: An Empirical Assessment


      LAURENCE MINERS and KATHRYN NANTZ, Fairfield University--Disrupting the Curriculum with Technology: A Blended Model for the Introductory Economics Classroom


Discussants: DAVID R. ROSS, Bryn Mawr College

      R.W. HAFER, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

      ANGELA K. DILLS, Clemson University

      KATHY PARKISON, Indiana University-Kokomo



Jan. 8, 2:30 pm



Active Learning Strategies for the College and University Economics Classroom--Poster Session:

Teaching Ideas


Presiding: RAE JEAN GOODMAN, U.S. Naval Academy, and MARK H. MAIER, Glendale College


      BARBARA BLOEMHOF, McMaster University--Facilitating Learning in a Junior/Senior Trade Course Using a Poster Assignment


      ALISON BUTLER, Willamette University--Fun and Games with the Government Budget: Preparations for Analyzing Budget Deficits


      ALISON DEL ROSSI, St. Lawrence University--Experiencing Public Sector Economics Through Community Based Learning Internships


      WILLIAM DAWES, Stony Brook University--Active Learning--Theirs and Yours


      JAMES F. HALSTEAD and ROBBY MOORE, Occidental College--Predicting the Effects of Macroeconomic Shocks and the Self-correction Mechanism: A "Hands-On" Collaborative Approach


      ALBERTO ISGUT and TANYA ROSENBLAT, Wesleyan University--The Ricardian Explorer Game


      KIMMARIE McGOLDRICK, University of Richmond--Developing a Capstone Course for the Economics Major: Payoffs and Pitfalls


      MARIA MINNITI and NEAL HARRIS, Babson College--Active Learning in Economics: An Integrated Approach


      CATHY MINERS, LAWRENCE MINERS, and KATHRYN NANTZ, Fairfield University--Student Learning of Economic Theory: Defining Undergraduate Curriculum Goals and Measuring Student Outcomes


      MARGARITA M. ROSE, King's College--Impact of Cross-National Videoconferencing on Student Learning in Economic Development


      REBECCA M. STEIN, University of Pennsylvania--Penn Mentoring Program in a Principles of Microeconomics Course


      DELLA L. SUE, Marist College--Economic Issues Through Visual and Print Media


      JONATHAN WILLNER, Oklahoma City University--From Production to Profit--An Extended Lab Report of a Simple Experiment in Production


      ROBERT S. WOODWARD, University of New Hampshire--From Edgeworth Boxes, Triangles, etc. to Production Possibility Frontiers: An Excel Assignment and Its Grading Overlay





Sunday, January 9, 2005


Jan. 9, 8:00 am



Computer Assisted Instruction: New Work on Instructional Applications


Presiding: MICHAEL LOVELL, Wesleyan University


      TOD PORTER, KRISS SCHUELLER, TERESA REILEY, ROCHELLE RUFFER, EBENGE USIP, Youngstown State University, KENT SAUNDERS, Anderson University, and W. PHILLIP SAUNDERS, Indiana University--Results from the Use of Two Simulations in Principles of Micro


      CARSTEN LANGE, California State Polytechnic University-Pomona--Internet Simulations in Quantitative Instruction


      DANIEL A. TALLEY, Dakota State University--Teaching and Technology: Learning in a High-Tech Environment


      ROBERT PENNINGTON and BARBARA MOORE, University of Central Florida--An Experimental Evaluation of Technology in Large Principles Classes


Discussants: MILES A. CAHILL, College of the Holy Cross

      SCOTT SIMKINS, North Carolina A&T State University


Jan. 9, 10:15 am



Understanding Teacher Quality


Presiding: THOMAS DEE, Swarthmore College


      ERIC BETTINGER, Case Western Reserve University, and BRIDGET LONG, Harvard University--Do Faculty Members Serve as Role Models? The Impact of Instructor Gender on Female Students


      THOMAS DEE, Swarthmore College--A Teacher Like Me? Does Race, Ethnicity or Gender Matter?


      DONALD BOYD, HAMILTON LANKFORD, State University of New York-Albany, and SUSANNA LOEB, Stanford University--Schools and Teachers: How the Interaction of Preferences Result in the Distribution of Teachers


Discussants: RONALD EHRENBERG, Cornell University

      BRIAN JACOB, Harvard University

      RICHARD MURNANE, Harvard University




Jan. 9, 10:15 am



Experimental Economics and the National Digital Library


Presiding: BETTY J. BLECHA, San Francisco State University


      JAMES C. COX, University of Arizona--What is EconPort?


      J. TODD SWARTHOUT, University of Arizona--Pedagogical Motivation and Content of EconPort


      DANIEL ZENG, University of Arizona--OAI-Compliant Digital Library Technology and Software Trading-Agent Design and Implementation in EconPort


      RIYAD KALLA, University of Arizona--EconPort Architecture: WebStart, Content Management, and Experimental Software Integration


Discussants: CHARLES HOLT, University of Virginia

      SHERYL BALL, Virginia Tech




Jan. 9, 10:15 am



Issues in K-12 Economic Education and Teacher Training


Presiding: STEVEN L. COBB, University of North Texas


      KATHY PARKISON and MARGO SORGMAN, Indiana University-Kokomo--Economic Knowledge of Indiana Teachers and NCEE Eastern European Educators: Pre-Test TEL Score Data


      EDWARD M. SCAHILL, University of Scranton--Evaluation of the Training the Trainers Program What Do Trainers Know--What Do They Learn?


      R.W. HAFER and TIMOTHY S. SULLIVAN, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville--Testing for the Value-Added of High School Economics


      SHELBY HAWTHORNE, Clara Byrd Baker Elementary School, YANA RODGERS, Rutgers University, and RONALD C. WHEELER, College of William and Mary--Economic Literacy Among Primary-Grade Students


Discussants: WILLIAM BOSSHARDT, Florida Atlantic University

      CHIARA GRATTON-LAVOIE, California State University-Fullerton

      DENISE ROBSON, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

      KATHRYN NANTZ, Fairfield University