Teaching Economics Workshops and Conferences Organizers Submission Page

If you are the organizer of a conference or workshop and would like your submission on the Teaching Economics Workshops and Conferences Webpage please fill out the information below.

This is a moderated listing.  The moderator will post your conference or workshop announcement if you can meet the requirements below.

  1. The form must be fully filled out below.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted and will be returned for complete information if the last email is entered and valid.
  2. You must give a valid and stable URL or web page location that can be verified by the moderator.  It must be a webpage sepcific to the conference or workshop being advertised.
  3. The person submitting must give their name and email address and that name or email address must be found on the webpage being posted. 
That's it.  The moderator will post the conference announcement within one week of submission. 

Dates of the conference or workshop:
example:  January 1-3, 2005
Conference or Workshop name:

Type in the full name of the conference with subtitle adding anything like the 4th Annual Conference at the end.  Type the way you want it to appear.

Two sentence description:

Enter a one or two sentence description of your conference or workshop.  This is designed to get the reader to want to click on your web page link, not to provide details they can get after they click.  that is, avoid things like prices.

Workshop or conference link:

Enter the webpage including the http://

Begin with http://
Can participants offer to present posters, papers, presentations or workshops?

If YES, provide the web page listing the call for participation (or repeat the conference webpage if that is what you want to do.

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Organizer's name:

You must provide a name that is also found on the webpage. You may list more than one contact if you must, but only one email address will be included.
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It is critical that you enter this email address correctly. Enter the same or different email address. This is the email that is associated with the sending of this form, not necesarily the organizer email listed above.
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  example:  January 1-3, 2005
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Before you send, you might want to print out this page.  Your submission will be sent, but you will not receive a copy.