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We hope you find this economic education service helpful.  To make it more so we appreciate your input on the following items below.  Remember this is a moderated service and a submission does not guarantee listing.

  1. The appropriate sections of the form below must be fully filled out.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted and will be returned for complete information if the last email item is entered and valid.
  2. You must give a valid and stable URL or web page location that can be verified by the moderator.  The name of the Journal, proceedings, sessions or individual must be found within the webpage adress.
  3. The person submitting must give their name and email address and that name or email address must be found on the webpage being posted. 
What if I do not know all of the relevant information?
  1. You may choose to submit a partial form.
  2. If accepted, it will be posted as you submit it.  If not and the return email is valid, it will be returned to you with an explanation of what you need to complete before listing.
What if I want to change my listing?
  1. Do so as often as you need to.
  2. Depending on your submission, a red tag of CORRECTED or REVISED may be attached to your listing for a while.

That's it.  The moderator will post the suggestion within two weeks of submission. 

Suggest a Journal
Submit the name of a journal that has a significant amount of its page space devoted to economic educaton.  You may choose to suggest other journals in education in closely allied teaching areas, but they may or may not be listed at the discretion of the moderator.

Type in the full name of the journal.

example:  Journal of Economic Education.
Journal link:

Enter the webpage including the http://

Begin with http://

To be listed there must be a webpage reference that is clearly accessable to all users.  Be careful to list the home page of that journal and avoid pathways provided to you as a subscriber or member of a subscriber organization.
Suggest a professional webpage of a person involved in economic education.
Name of the individual

This is the full name of the person without Dr., or Ph.D.
Affiliation of the individual

Example:  Department of Economics, The University of Akron
Enter the webpage address(es)

use http://

You may link more than one page, but only if very different AND on different servers.
Suggest sessions of a conference to be posted. 
Suggest proceedings of a past conference to be posted.
If you are the organizer of a session or sessions at an upcoming professional meeting, please click on the email link to the right and do not submit this form.
In your email include all the relevant details and attach the sessions in either html, MS Word, RFT, Txt, or PDF frmat.  These will be posted as proposed for the upcoming meetings an will be deleted if and when the entire program for that upcoming meeting is extracted and posted. 

If you are announcing proceedings you must provide a link to the  proceedings.  Proceedings may be online in which case the link should go directly to those proceedings or they may be commercial in which case you must provide a link to the webpage that will allow the proceedings to be purchased.

Submit sessions or conference proceedings via email using this link and do not complete this form.
The last three fields are required for any submission. 
If you have a general comment to make you may make it here.

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Before you send, you might want to print out this page.  Your submission will be sent, but you will not receive a copy.