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Catalog System

The GFA Archive is catalogued by a GFA Archive identification number. These identification numbers are alphanumeric and are considered the "call number" for GFA items. The online catalog record will provide the patron with information about the item, i.e. book, score, periodical, size, format, etc. The record also states whether the item is circulating, or non-circulating. Circulating items will have a status of "available" and can be requested through interlibrary loan.
Items with a "K" prefix are from the George C. Krick collection of classic guitar music housed at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Photocopies of "K" prefix materials can be obtained from the GFA Archive by special arrangement with the proprietors of the Krick collection, who allow us to reproduce our copy of the public domain Krick music. However, no further reproduction or public use of these "service" copies may be made without the permission of the proprietor, who rightly insists on knowing when and how the material is used in scholarship, recordings, publications, or public performances.
Items with an "X" or a "Y" prefix were formerly held at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. They are now incorporated into the GFA Archive at the University of Akron. Photocopies of public domain "X" or "Y" materials are available upon request.
Items with an "M" prefix are generally microfilm format. Check the online item record to confirm the format of these items. Photocopies of public domain "M" materials are available upon request.
Items with a "Z" prefix are generally book format. Check the online item record to confirm the format of these items. "Z" prefix items are available only on site. Special requests should be directed to the Archivist.
Periodicals belonging to the GFA Archive have been bound and are integrated into the University of Akron online catalog. Search the online catalog by "Title" to determine if the periodical is in the collection. Articles from periodicals are available through interlibrary loan, but complete volumes must be viewed on site.


Last updated: 27 July 1999