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Research Files - Miscellaneous

  • Results from GAMA/ASTA School Guitar Survey 1978

  • Makarow Memoirs

  • Frederick Noad method video promotional materials

  • Publications from NY Guitar Workshop
    Classic American Folk songs
    Maple Leaf Rag
    Sunflower Slow Drag by Scott Joplin
    Reindeer by Lamb
    Entertainer by Scott Joplin
    Opera House by Darch
    Weeping Willows by Scott Joplin

  • Vahghan Aandahl Guitar music Recording collection, Catalog of rare guitar recordings

  • Publisher catalogs from Germany, Austria and Spain

  • Saitenspiel

  • Segovia Program 1972 Severance Hall - Cleveland, OH

  • Zuth: Leipsig AMZ ali gitarrisiche Qualle


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