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  • Subject: Re: Vichy and Quebec (fwd)

Date: 28 Feb 97 14:16:53 EST
From: Eric Jennings <101363.3575@CompuServe.COM>

        In addition to Esther Delisle's book, already recommended by Betram
Gordon, you might find the following references useful for Quebecois perceptions
of Vichy:

Pierre Savard "Les Canadians Francais et la France de la 'cession' a la
Revolution Tranquille," in Paul Painchaud, *Le Canada et le Quebec sur la scene
internationale* (Montreal: Presses de l'Universite du Quebec, 1977)

Robert Arcand, "Petain et de Gaulle dans la presse quebecoise entre juin 1940 et
novembre 1942" *Revue d'histoire de l'Amerique francaise* 44:3 (hiver 1991):

John Hellman presented a paper at the 1995 Society for French Historical Studies
meeting at Emory entitled: "Vichy France/Quebec, 1940-1950: Monasteries,
Miliciens, War Criminals."

While researching my thesis on Vichy France's colonies, I have taken a secondary
interest in representations of Quebec under Vichy.  Please do not hesitate to
contact me off list regarding this topic.  I hope these references help.

                Eric T. Jennings, UC Berkeley.

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