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Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 12:19:09 +0100
From: Mounier <mounier@msh-paris.fr>

Concerning the intellectuals, I would recommend:
Gerhard Heller Un Allemand =E0 Paris, (Paris, Seuil 1981).
Pierre-Marie Dioudonnat, Les 700 R=E9dacteurs de Je Suis Partout (Paris,
Sedopols, 1993).
Michel Winock et Dictionnaire des intellectuels fran=E7ais

Besides, I would not use undiscriminately the term "French Nazi
Collaborators" for such a variety of people. While Paul Touvier was, and
remained until his death, a fascist, and Rebatet was a nazi, people like
Pierre Gaxotte,Michel Mohrt, Jacques de Lacretelle, Robert Lacour-Gayet=20
did not share the same ideas (for example, Pierre Gaxotte was initially a
maurrassien, which is quite different).=20

Even people who admired the nazi regime in 1940-1941,like Mitterrand=20
(see his -1941 paper, "P=E9lerinage en Thuringe"), could not be considered
nazi themselves. I would be very interested to read your work.
Pierre Mounier

>> I am finishing a book on alleged French Nazi Collaborators who took refu=
>> in the province of Quebec after WW2. Any information about wartime
>> activities of the following persons would be most helpful:
>> Esther Delisle, Ph.D. (cyes@musica.mcgill.ca)
>> 4645 St-Kevin Ave., #4
>> Montreal (Quebec)
>> Canada H3W 1N8


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