The course materials consist of the following:

The use of electronic resources, including on-line access to legal documents and e-mail, is required for this Seminar. All seminar papers must be submitted in electronic form, as MS Word document files attached to e-mail.

We will begin our study of the First Amendment with the religion clauses. The assignment for the first meeting of the Seminar (Monday, August 27) is Reynolds v. United States, an edited version of which is available here. For the second meeting, please read pp. 1294-1318 in the casebook.

In addition to reading the assigned materials, please give some thought to a topic about which you would like to write a paper, approximately 20-25 pages in length, on which your course grade will be based. (Students using the Seminar to satisfy the General Writing Requirement (GWR) must write longer papers that conform to the GWR standards, copies of which are available on the Law School's web site here.) You are required to submit topic proposals to me in writing for my approval by Monday, September 9. If you would like suggestions or guidance from me, I would be happy to meet with you before then, but it is important that the topic be of interest to you (there are few things more painful than writing a paper in which one lacks interest), so you should still think about topics you would be interested in writing about. I recommend that you begin by considering whether you would prefer to write about speech/press or religion. From there, you might peruse the relevant parts of the table of contents of your casebook, giving thought to which subjects or issues you find most interesting. Then browse the materials on those subjects or issues.  This should give you a start toward defining a paper topic.

Finally, if you do not actively monitor your University of Akron ( e-mail account or prefer to use another e-mail account, please send me an e-mail message at providing me with your preferred e-mail address so that I can add it to the e-mail discussion list for the Seminar.

I look forward to seeing you on August 26.

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