CPS "Clicker" Technology

In this course, we will make use of eInstruction's Classroom Performance System (CPS) technology to facilitate active learning, discussion, and instructor feedback in the classroom. All students are required to purchase a CPSrf response pad (a/k/a "clicker") for use in class. These can be obtained at the University Bookstore. They can be used in other Law School courses in which this technology is being used. When no longer needed, they can be re-sold and used by other students.

Please bring your clicker to the first class of the Semester.

Also, please "enroll" in CPSOnline. To do so, first go to the CPSOnline web site and select University of Akron (listed under "U"). Then,

Please be sure to "enroll" using your real name rather than as an anonymous student. Among other things, the clickers will be used for purposes of taking attendance.

To obtain the class key for this course, click on the link for your course section below:

Section 801 (W Evening)

For more information about this technology, see eInstruction's web site.

This page last modified on 12/31/2012.