Constitutional Law I: 9200:603-002

Fall 2013 Syllabus

Professor William D. Rich

The required texts for this course are Sullivan and Gunther, Constitutional Law (18th ed. 2013). All page references are to it.

Also required is the Classroom Performance System response pad (a/k/a "clicker"). For additional information, click here.

The Constitution Itself, pp. lxv-lxxix (#1, #2)

The Supreme Court's Authority and Role

Federalism: The Distribution of Powers between National and State Government

The Nation and the States in the Federal System

The Scope of Particular Congressional Powers

Federalistic Limitations on State Regulation of Economic Activity

Separation of Powers: The Distribution of Powers Among the Three Branches of the National Government [Study/Discussion Questions] [Outline]

Nonfederalistic Limitations on the Regulation of Economic Activity: Rights of Property and Contract

The 14th Amendment and the Incorporation Controversy, 446-64 (#26)


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