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Hola.  This is a relatively long page with lots of images, but nothing fancy.  (No cookies or java.)  It should load, eventually.  Photos can be used, if credited, for non-commercial purposes.  I took all photos on the site.

Click on a photo to enlarge it.  Most of the images are of the Iglecia de San Francisco (Church of Saint Francis), in Antigua.  Half of the church is in ruins, and half is still intact and functioning.

Casa de Angeles - an orphanage near Antigua
Voice of America article on the orphanage and assistance provided to it by American ex-pats.
Antigua Map
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Yahoo - Guatemala News and Links
Latin American Links (Crowder Publications)
Glens Falls Medical Missionary Foundation
Los Cimientos Alliance
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Political Resources in Guatemala
Halfmoon ~ Mayan Hieroglyphics
Living Cultures - villages and towns
Página de Antigua (con fotos)
TravelLady page on Guatemala
Conexion - Web service in Antigua
Guatemalan Cuisine
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Languages of Guatemala and Belize
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Guatemalan Government Links
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Commercial Sites - Mayan Items
Guatemalan Mayan Shopping
De La Selva Exports

Media and Travel
Antigua Journal
Siglo VeintiUno (Newspaper) - en español
Art Workshop in Antigua
Escape Artist - Guatemala

Other Photo Galleries
April-2001 Latin American Photos
A few photos of Guatemala
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Antigua Photo Gallery
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Historical Sites
United Fruit Historical Society Page on President Arbenz
American Accountability Project: Guatemala
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CNN Interview with Howard Hunt
Guatemalan Human Rights Links english
Guatemalan Human Rights - Derechos Humanos - Links en español













New Photos of Iglecia de San Francisco
Fotos nueva de la Iglecia de San Francisco
(click on image to enlarge)


A smaller church, near downtown Antigua


New Photos of Antigua, and nearby
(click on image to enlarge)




Weavers of traditional textile, at Caroline's, in San Antonio de las Aguas Calientes, a village near Antigua.
Carolina de Guarán - San Antonio de las Aguas Calientes
Antigua, Guatemala
Phone  -   8315349   (011-502-8315349 from the U.S.)

New Photos of Caroline's, San Antonio de las Aguas Calientes
[near Antigua - click on image to enlarge]



San Antonio de las Aguas Calientes (Brief article on Florida State University Anthropology Website)
A few photos of San Antonio de las Aguas Calientes
Más fotos de San Antonio de las Aguas Calientes
Images of Traditional Mayan Weavings (trajes)

New Photos of village of San Antonio de las Aguas Calientes
[including a weaving/craft cooperative - click on image to enlarge]






Traje de San Antonio de las Aguas Calientes, 2000

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