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  • Belgian Consular Representatives in Ohio
    Mr. Paul ALLAER, Honorary Consul
    Attorney at Law
    Thompson Hine LLP
    312 Walnut Street Suite 1400
    Cincinnati, OH 45202-4029
    Phone (513) 352-6700
    Fax (513) 241-4771
    E-mail: paul.allaer@thompsonhine.com

  • Canadian Consul General in Detroit
    Consulate General of Canada
    600 Renaissance Center, Suite 1100
    Detroit, MI 482-43-1798
    General enquiries:
    Tel: (313) 567-2340, Fax: (313) 567-2164
    e-mail: dtrot@international.gc.ca

  • Québec Government Office in Chicago
    444 N. Michigan Avenue
    Room 1900
    Chicago, IL 60611-3977
    Phone: (312) 645-0392
    Fax: (312) 645-0542
    Website: http://www.quebec-chicago.org

  • Consul Général de France - Chicago
    205 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 3700
    Chicago, IL 60601
    Tel: 312/327-5200
    Fax: 312/327-5201
    E-mail : contact@consulfrance-chicago.org

  • Agence consulaire de Cincinnati
    Mrs. Anne Cappel
    9253 Village Green
    Cincinnati, OH 45242
    Tel (513) 791-5970
    Mél : cappel.anne@fuse.net

  • Agence consulaire de Cleveland
    M. Stephen Knerly
    3300 BP American Building
    200 Public Square
    Cleveland, OH 44114-2301
    T (216) 621-7277 / F (216) 241-2824
    Mél : sjknerly@hahnlaw.com

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Sister Cities International
(Ohio-France and Francophone World)

  • Cincinnati - Nancy (Lorraine)
  • Montgomery - Neuilly-Plaisance (Ile-de-France)
  • Oakwood - Le Vesinet (Ile-de-France)
  • Outrement (Québec)

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Foreign Language Education in Ohio

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Ohio has over 45,000 speakers of French, French Creole and Cajun French

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  • Rivers: La Chapelle Creek, Huron River, Portage River, North Fond Du Lac, La Carne, La Carpe Creek, La Toussaint River, etc.

  • Towns: Vermilion, Belmont, Circleville, Massillon, Fort Loramie, Fayette County, Presque Isle, and Macachee Lake. Marietta was named in honor of Marie Antoinette.

  • Ohio Past and Present Locations : http://www.geocities.com/ohioplaces/

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The Tuscarawas River served as a boundary line among the Indians as early as 1650. Later it was a boundary line between the French and the English

René Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, the French explorer, traveled through Ohio landed in 1667 and is thought to have been the first white person to see the Ohio River.

The first European to visit what became the Buckeye State was the explorer Robert Cavelier LaSalle, who arrived in 1669 and claimed the area for France.

Vermillion Ohio 1669 when Adrien Jolliet traversed the north shore west to east. That year two missionaries met Jolliet who told them of his passage on the lake. They recorded their visit to Lake Erie at Grand River near Long Point, where they spent the winter.

The first historical records of the American Indians in Ohio come from the French missionaries who entered into the region in late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.

1669 : Robert Cavelier de LaSalle arrived and claimed the area [Ohio] for France.

1669-1670: French explorers Adrien Jolliet and René-Robert Cavelier, sieur de La Salle, are believed to be the first Europeans to reach Lake Erie and the Ohio River.

1671: Simon Daumont de Saint-Lusson declared the lands of the western interior for France at Sault Ste Marie. Louis Jolliet was one of the signers of this declaration which included the area that later became Ohio.

1673 : The intendant Talon sends Louis Jolliet and father Jacques Marquette to explore the Mississippi, the Missouri and the Ohio rivers and claim them for France.

The Diocese of Quebec was established in 1674, with ecclesiastical jurisdiction over the entire territory of New France, which included the area now part of Ohio.

In 1682, René Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle explored the Ohio and Mississippi valleys, and claimed the entire territory for France as far south as the Gulf of Mexico.

1747: Ohio Company of Virginia created by Virginia land speculators. Subsequent unsuccessful efforts to erect a settlement in Ohio anger the French, Ohio Indians, Pennsylvania fur traders, and the Penn family.

1749: Jesuit Fathers Potier and Joseph de Bonnecamp came from Quebec to evangelize the Huron Indians living along the Vermilion and Sandusky Rivers in Northern Ohio.

MDCCXLIX, by Father Joseph Pierre de Bonnecamps.

In 1749 the French sent Celoron de Blainville down the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers as a show of force to the British. Blainville buried lead plates at major river junctures along the way as proof of French ownership. Bonnecamps accompanied the expedition and prepared this manuscript map that is now at the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. It shows 'Lac' Ontario and Erie and the route down the Allegheny, the Ohio, up the Great Miami River and then down the Maumee back to Lake Erie. Bonnecamps' journal and map appear in the Jesuit Relations and the map is reproduced in Smith's Mapping of Ohio and in Hanna, which is the image shown by the link below.

Map route of Celoron de Blainville in 1749

1752 : The French kill the Miami chief, fortify the Ohio Valley region with forts from Lake Erie

1754 June-July : Albany Congress: Representatives from the Iroquois League and seven English colonies, including Pennsylvania, meet to renew friendship and discuss possible responses to the growing French presence in the Ohio Valley.

1754 : French and Indian War begins as George Washington leads Virginia troops against French in Ohio Valley.

1755 : GENERAL BRADDOCK leads an English army against the French in Ohio. They are ambushed and soundly defeated, Washington saving the surviving remnant of the army.

Map in Paris, Archives Nationales. NN 173, no 46.
Essai du cours de l'Ohio avec les forts français et anglais, tiré de la carte anglaise de Washington (1755).

1763 : France cedes the Ohio country to Great Britain at the end of the French and Indian War. Ottawa chief Pontiac leads an uprising of Native Americans in an attempt to drive out the British

Historical account of Bouquet's expedition against the Ohio Indians, in 1764

A colony of French settlers, located at Gallipolis on the Ohio, and Dom Peter Joseph Didier, a Benedictine monk, built a church, but growing discouraged, left after a few years.


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Ohio exports and the Francophone World:

2004 Ohio exports 31,208,000,000
Canada: 15,537.000,000
France 894,000,000
Belgium: 485,000,000

54.2% of Ohio exports go to countries where French is an official language

2005 Ohio exports 34,801,000,000
Canada: 16,992,000,000
France 954,000,000
Belgium: 523,000,000

Nearly 53.1% of Ohio exports go to countries where French is an official language

Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment (New Economy Index, 2002 - Globalization)

4.7% of all Ohio's jobs come from foreign-direct investment

Foreign Companies with Operations in Ohio (2002)

Foreign Investment in Ohio

Other Sources

French-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Cincinnati

Canada-Ohio Commercial Relations

French-American Chamber of Commerce (Northern Ohio Chapter)

Northeast Ohio Trade & Economic Consortium

International CIBER
Fisher College of Business
The Ohio State University

International Trade - Ohio Department of Development

Ohio International Developers, Ltd

Site Selection Magazine has pointed out that Ohio has "an Export Tax Credit encourages global growth. Companies that increase their export sales, and at the same time either expand their Ohio payroll or capital spending, can claim a franchise tax credit."

The Canadian Studies Center at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio has published a directory profiling 147 individual firms that have locations in both Canada and Ohio. Among the findings: seventy-two Canadian-owned companies employ over 5,850 Ohioans while Ohio-owned companies in Canada employ 18,000 Canadians. Although the U.S. invests at much higher levels in Canada, during the ten years ending in 1998 the growth of Canadian investment in the U.S. has outpaced U.S. investment in Canada.


Here is a current list of Ohio-based companies
with important subsidiaries in France:

A. Schulman, Inc. - Akron, OH
Advanced Elastomer Systems, L.P. (Exxon Mobil Corp.) - Akron, OH
American Greetings Corp - Cleveland, OH
Automated Packaging Systems - Streetsboro, OH
Borden Chemical, Inc. - Columbus, OH
Cardinal Health, Inc. - Dublin, OH
Chiquita Brands International Inc - Cincinnati, OH
Cincom Systems Inc - Cincinnati, OH
Convergys Corporation - Cincinnati, OH
Corrpro Companies, Inc. - Medina, OH
Dana Corporation - Toledo, OH
Diebold, Inc. - North Canton, OH
Eaton Corp. - Cleveland, OH
Erico International Corporation - Cleveland, OH
Ferro Corporation - Cleveland, OH
Formica Corporation - Cincinnati, OH
Geo Specialty Chemicals, Inc. - Beachwood, OH
Gojo Industries - Akron, OH
Goodyear Tire And Rubber Co - Akron, OH
Greif, Inc. - Delaware, OH
Hilite Industries Inc. - Cleveland, OH
I M G Worldwide Inc - Cleveland, OH
International Technegroup Inc (Iti) - Milford, OH
Invacare Corporation - Elyria, OH
Keithley Instruments Inc. - Cleveland, OH
Kendle International Inc. - Cincinnati, OH
Kinetico, Inc. - Newbury, OH
Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc. - Cleveland, OH
Liquid Control Corporation - North Canton, OH
Medex, Inc. - Dublin, OH
Metal Coatings International, Inc. - Chardon, OH
Metcut Research Inc. - Cincinnati, OH
Midmark Corporation - Versailles, OH
Milacron, Inc. - Cincinnati, OH
Myers Industries Inc. - Akron, OH
Namsa, Inc. (North American Science Associates, Inc.) - Northwood OH
CR Corporation - Dayton, OH
Nordson Corporation - Westlake, OH
Omnova Solutions Inc. - Fairlawn, OH
Owens Corning - Toledo, OH
Owens-Illinois, Inc. - Toledo, OH
Parker Hannifin Corporation - Cleveland, OH
Performance Motorsports, Inc. (Dover Corporation) - Mentor, OH
Polyone Corporation - Avon Lake, OH
Procter And Gamble Co - Cincinnati, OH
Robbins & Myers, Inc. - Dayton, OH
Rpm International, Inc. - Medina, OH
TI International Metals, Inc. - Niles, OH
Schneller Inc - Kent, OH
Shepherd Chemical Co - Cincinnati, OH
Sifco Industries, Inc. - Cleveland, OH
Smithers Oasis Cie - Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Standard Textile Co., Inc. - Cincinnati, OH
Steris Corporation - Mentor, OH
Sterling Commerce - SBC Communications - Dublin, OH
Stoneridge, Inc. - Warren, OH
The Lubrizol Corporation - Wickliffe, OH
The Reynolds And Reynolds Company - Kettering, OH
The Scotts Company - Columbus, OH
The Timken Company - Canton, OH
Think3 , Inc. - Cincinnati, OH
Totes Isotoner Corporation - Loveland, OH
Waxman Industries, Inc. - Bedford Heights, OH
Wayne-Dalton Corporation - Mount Hope, OH
Worthington Industries - Columbus, OH
Xomox Corporation - Crane Company - Cincinnati, OH


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