What is the case study challenge all about?


       The case study challenge allows Resident Assistants in the NEOHO region to participate in an engaging professional development   activity. If you are a Resident Assistant interested in pursuing a career in higher education, or just interested in further developing your presentation and public speaking skills, the case study challenge is for you! During program session #3, you will be provided a case study to analyze and you will then present your solution to a panel of judges.  This is an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to link your RA training with practical situations, think critically in a short time frame, and present a coherent solution to experienced housing professionals.  Participants will have a maximum of  six (6) minutes to present their solution. If time permits, at the end of the session we will provide a feedback session and overview of case studies done at professional conventions.


What exactly will be expected of participants?


Each participant will receive a case study at the start of program session #3. The case will not be available until then to allow equal time for participants to prepare. The case will most likely be a challenging scenario that Resident Assistants may encounter in their jobs. Participants will present to a panel of judges their proposed solutions. Participants are encouraged to be creative in their approach, apply relevant policies or training topics, and display critical thinking ability, problem solving ability, and initiative. The winner of the case study competition will be announced at the closing session.


How do I register?


You can either apply online, by downloading and email the form below, or at the conference during registration. You can also sign up to participate on your own or with a partner.  Registration will be limited to the first twelve (12) participants that submit their registration information. Only current undergraduate Resident Assistants are eligible to apply.



Click Below to download the registration form. Email instructions are on the form itself.


  • Case Study Registration Form