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  1. Create a more user-friendly, safe, cohesive, and aesthetically appealing campus that will attract and retain students, faculty and staff, and serve as a symbol of pride for alumni.
  2. Establish a framework for the future development of the campus that will guide the siting of capital projects and major landscape elements.
  3. Identify and establish major open spaces with clearly defined and designed pedestrian connections between the buildings and open spaces.
  4. Clarify and establish campus edges and character, including proposals for points of campus entry through portals, campus signage, lighting and tree-lined paths of travel.
  5. Restructure campus parking, vehicular and pedestrian access to enhance safety, convenience and the quality of the campus environment.
  6. Create a strong physical, programmatic, and symbolic linkage between the campus and the adjoining community to stimulate mutually supportive and beneficial interaction.