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If your Future
plans include a college engineering curriculum and a career in science, mathematics or engineering, The University of Akron Academic Acheivment Programs have a unique opportunity designed especially for you.  It's called Pre Engineering.

Pre Engineering is designed to encourage and stimulate the interests of targeted middle school and high school students who have expressed or demonstrated interest and skill in mathematics or science to pursue careers in engineering.

  • To identify, recruit, and select Upward Bound, Upward Bound Math/Science, and Educational Talent Search students who demonstrate the potential for success in engineering;
  • To increase the student's awareness of career options for engineers and applied scientists;
  • To provide hands-on learning opportunities designed to generate excitement about mathematics, science and engineering;
  • To motivate and increase the cognitive skills of students in the pursuit of careers in engineering and science;
  • To demonstrate the realities of the workplace by providing on-site workshops and other local industry experiences;
  • To provide educational enrichment opportunities;
  • To encourage completion of the college preparatory courses to ready students for college engineering courses.


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