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Using a participatory process, preparation of the self-study report will require involvement and input throughout the institution. A summary of the proposed process and a timetable follows.

February 2001
Finalize composition of the Self-Study Steering Committee
Submit Self-Study Plan to NCA
Determine the subcommittee structure
Create the accreditation web site

March 2001

Organizational Meetings of the Subcommittees

April 2001
Draft the Subcommittee plans - goals, strategies/methodologies, and
timetables to collect data and develop reports

Campus Kick-off
Launch the web site
Announce the Steering Committee
Form the subcommittees
Share the time line with the campus

May 2001
Submit subcommittee plans to the Steering Committee

September-December 2001
Subcommittees gather data and develop draft reports for submission to Steering Committee by end of fall semester.

October 2001
Invite NCA Commission staff liaison to visit campus

January 2002
Steering Committee or subcommittee analyzes the draft reports against NCA
criteria and GIRs to determine gaps in information

February 2002

Request further information to address gaps from appropriate groups and/or individuals

March 2002
Additional data returned to “analysis” group
Steering Committee receives the report of the “analysis” group

April - May 2002
Prepare first draft of Self-Study

June-August 2002
Disseminate first draft for review/revision

September 2002
Incorporate comments from first draft review in second draft

October 2002
Disseminate second draft for review and comment
Prepare institutional data forms

November 2002
Prepare final self-study document
Plan editing and printing of Self-Study

December 2002
Final report completed for a last review
Final institutional data forms received

January 2, 2003
Final report sent to printer

February 15, 2003
Submit report with accompanying materials to NCA

March 2003
Prepare resource area for site visitors
Finalize visitation schedule

April 28-30, 2003

June 2003
University receives evaluation team report

May – August 2003
University responds to evaluation team report as necessary

Fall 2003
Celebrate receipt of 10-year continuing NCA accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission

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