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UA Self-Study Plan

(The Complete Plan is available in PDF format - use the Acrobat reader to view the document)

The Self-Study Steering Committee will establish through clear and unequivocal evidence that The University of Akron merits being returned to a 10-year comprehensive visit cycle, given the restoration of stability in leadership and a shared plan of action.

Chaired by the Associate Provost for Policies, Procedures, and Reviews from the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost and advised by the Dean of the College of Fine and Applied Arts (who served as NCA Self-Study Coordinator from 1996 until 2000) as liaison, the Self-Study Steering Committee will organize its work to coordinate with the strategic thinking process already in place.

The Self-Study will include a comprehensive description and analysis of the University's major characteristics and operations including its strategic intent, core and enabling competencies, priorities, and strategies; academic programs and support services; human, physical, informational, and financial resources; and its opportunities and future plans. In order to accomplish that comprehensive self-evaluation, subcommittees, consisting of steering committee members as well as representatives from other campus and community constituencies, will be formed to assess the University's fitness in regard to the NCA's five evaluative criteria and General Institutional Requirements (GIRs). Topics for the subcommittees to consider will include the strategic plan, mission, students, faculty and staff, colleges, departments, and programs, and functional units such as departments within student affairs, academic support, capital planning and facilities management, information technology and libraries, research and graduate studies, business and finance, athletics, and public affairs and development, and ongoing processes such as assessment of student learning outcomes, academic program review, strategic thinking, and resource analysis and budgeting.

Progress reports to be developed and submitted in accord with the timetable will be presented to the faculty, staff, students, and to the Faculty Senate, Council of Deans, Vice Presidents, and the University Board of Trustees for their review and endorsement. Through the self-study process, extensive efforts will be made to solicit reactions from all members of the University community through an NCA web site, written updates, open forums, focus groups, and rough drafts of the Self-Study Report placed in college and support unit offices.




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