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Self-Study Committee Roster

Mrs. Nancy L. Stokes
, Chair
Associate Provost for Policies, Procedures, and Reviews
Professor of Bibliography
Chair, Faculty Senate Academic Policies and Calendar Committee
Chair, Faculty Senate Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Committee
Chair, Faculty Senate Curriculum Review Committee
NCA Self-Study Coordinator

Dr. Mark Auburn
Professor of English; Professor of Theatre
Dean, College of Fine and Applied Arts
Liaison to NCA

Dr. Kim Calvo
Professor of Chemistry

Mr. Dan Chafin
Chair, Associated Student Government

Ms. Janet Dawson

Member, Staff Employee Advisory Committee
Member, Campus Well Being Committee

Ms. Carolyn Dessin
Associate Professor of Law

Dr. David Durst
Professor of Finance

Ms. Bonnie Filer-Tubaugh
Instructor, University College
Member, Faculty Senate
Member, Part-Time Faculty Issues Committee
Member, Athletic Committee

Dr. H. Don Fox
University Registrar

Dr. Thomas Gaylord
Vice President for Instructional and Institutional Technologies, Libraries
and Institutional Planning (CIO)
Adjunct Professor Education; Adjunct Professor of Statistics

Mrs. Dolli Quattrocchi Gold
Assistant to the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School
Member, Campus Facilities Planning Committee

Mr. Michael Jalbert
Professor of Social Science
Interim Associate Dean, Community and Technical College

Dr. Devinder Malhotra
Professor of Economics
Associate Dean, Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Chand Midha

Professor and Chair, Statistics
Director, Center for Statistical Consulting
Faculty Coordinator, Student Outcomes Assessment

Ms. Shanna Mills

Senator, Associate Student Government

Dr. Charles Monroe
Professor of Geography and Planning
Associate Dean, Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences
Member, General Education Advisory Committee
Member, Student Assessment Task Force
Member, Curriculum Review Committee

Mr. Michael Morsches
Director of Developmental Programs

Dr. Elaine Nichols
Associate Professor of Nursing
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Nursing
Member, Curriculum Review Committee

Mrs. Phyllis O'Connor
Associate Professor of Bibliography
Associate Dean of University Libraries
Head, Circulation Department, University Libraries

Dr. Charlene Reed
Director of Administrative Services, College of Education
Member, Faculty Senate, 1999-present
Member, Faculty Senate Reference Committee
Vice Chair, Planning and Budgeting Committee

Mr. Greg Rogers
Director of Institutional Planning

Dr. Marlesa Roney
Vice President for Student Affairs
Adjunct Professor of Education
Member, Student Assessment Task Force
Member, Planning and Budgeting Committee
Member, Student Affairs Committee
Chair, Academic Support Services Committee
Chair, Commencement Committee

Ms. Deborah Roper
Director of Compensation, Department of Human Resources
Deputy Appointing Authority

Dr. David Stephen
Director, Resident Life and Housing

Dr. Elizabeth Stroble
Professor of Education
Dean, College of Education

Dr. Robert Veillette
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Dr. Ernst von Meerwall
Distinguished Professor of Polymer Science
Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
Distinguished Professor of Physics
Associate Dean, College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering
Faculty Research Associate, Maurice Morton Institute of Polymer Science
Member, Editorial Board of the UA Press
Member, Student Assessment Task Force
Delaware Study Task Force

Dr. David Witt
Professor of Family and Consumer Science
Member, Faculty Senate Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Committee

Ms. Bonnie Mulhollan
Administrative Assistant to the NCA Self-Study Committee
Real Estate Coordinator

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