Curriculum Proposal System
General Instructions

These are general instructions for using the online (web-based) system to submit a new curriculum proposal.
  1. Anyone may access the system to view curriculum proposals, but only designated individuals may create or edit them. Obtain the necesssary authorization for those in your department who will be using the Curriculum Proposal System to enter and/or edit proposals. Send the names and UAnet IDs for these individuals to your college contact, who will forward them to the Provost's Office for the necessary processing.

  2. Each curriculum proposal will have a unique identifier. Contact your Dean's Office for this Proposal Number. No proposals can be created without obtaining this identification number. The Dean's Office keeps track of these to prevent duplication.

    Proposals are to be categorized as one of three types:
    Course changes include the addition of new courses, the removal of existing course, or changes to existing courses. If the proposal involves adding a new course to University offerings, please contact the Institutional Research office to obtain a course number.

  3. There are a couple quick paths to the CPS on the UA web site:
    1. Start with the UA home page
    2. Click on the Faculty & Staff area
    3. Scroll down to the Policies & Procedures section and click on Curriculum Proposal System
    4. Click on the link for the desired database
    1. Start with the UA home page
    2. Click on the Index & Search button
    3. Scroll down and click on Curriculum Proposal System listing
    4. Click on the link for the desired database

    If you want to set a bookmark for your browser, please remember that the location will change each year when the new database is created.

  4. Select "Submit a new proposal"

  5. Enter the proposal number as provided by the Dean's Office. Please use capital letters. Proposal Numbers are usually in this form: AS-99-01 (two-letter college abbreviation, two-digit year, and sequence number).

  6. Enter the title and other information as needed. Some items allow you to enter text directly into a field (either a single line or a multiple-line area with scroll bars. Some items are "drop-down" boxes, with a button on the right side. Click the little button with the arrow to see the possible selections, and click on the one you want. Some items are groups of "radio buttons" -- just click in the desired circle.

  7. When done entering or changing information on the page, click the button at the bottom to submit your changes. Use the links on each page, and also your browser's "Back" and "Forward" buttons to navigate through the pages. Remember that if you use the "Back" and "Forward" buttons, you may need to use the browsers "Refresh" or "Reload" button to see the results of your Submissions.

Questions or comments on the Curriculum Proposal System should be directed to your Dean's Office or the Curriculum Review Committee.

Thanks to Flo Fiehn in the College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Office for her contributions to these instructions.