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Proposal Summary: CT-03-16

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TitleBS Surveying and Mapping Technology
Submitting DeanDr. William Beisel
Submitting CollegeCommunity & Technical -- Mike Jalbert x6374
Departments Generating the ProposalEng&Sci
Objection DeadlineMarch 26, 2003
Proposal StatusFinal Approval Granted
Proposal Last UpdatedMay 09, 2003 by PR Nancy Stokes
Effective DateFall 2003
Brief Summary of Proposal1. Add new required course, 2980:427 Ohio Lands (2 cr.) 2. Drop courses no longer needed: 2980:355 Computer Applications in Surveying (3 cr.) and 3350:405 Geographic Information Systems (3 cr.) 3. Add existing required courses: 2420:211 Basic Accounting I (3 cr.) and 3370:100 Earth Science (3 cr.) 4. Add three new surveying electives: 2980:325 OSHA Safety Requirements (1 cr.), 2980:320 Exam Preparation Using the HP48GS (2 cr.), and 2980:495 Internship (3 cr.) 5. Change course content/description of two existing courses: 2980:122 Basic Surveying (3 cr.) and 2980:310 Survey Computations & Adjustments (2 cr.) 6. Add 3350:405 Geographic Information Systems (3 cr.) to Technical Electives
Type of ProposalProgram changes
Graduate School Endorsement StatusNot required
Graduate School Endorsement UpdatedFebruary 25, 2003 by GS Heather Blake
Institutional Research StatusApproved
IR Status UpdatedFebruary 26, 2003 by IR Dolores Bezilla
Library StatusApproved
Library Status UpdatedFebruary 05, 2003 by UL Ann Bolek
Distance Learning Review Committee StatusNot required
DLRC Status Updated
Resource RequirementsNo additional resources
Resource Requirements Updated

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