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Proposal Summary: ED-05-44

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TitleMove Postsecondary Technical Education to EFL Department
Submitting DeanDr. Pat Nelson
Submitting CollegeEducation -- Roberta Reese x2114
Departments Generating the ProposalEd Foun & L
Objection Deadline
Proposal StatusAvailable for College review
Proposal Last UpdatedNovember 18, 2004 by ED dean's ofc Roberta Reese
Effective DateSummer I 2004
Brief Summary of ProposalThe programs of Postsecondary Technical Education (5400) moved summer of 2003 from C&I Studies to Educational Foundations and Leadership.
Type of ProposalProgram changes
Graduate School Endorsement StatusTo be reviewed
Graduate School Endorsement Updated
Institutional Research StatusTo be reviewed
IR Status Updated
Library StatusTo be reviewed
Library Status Updated
Distance Learning Review Committee StatusNot required
DLRC Status Updated
Resource RequirementsNo additional resources
Resource Requirements UpdatedJanuary 03, 2005 by ED dean's ofc Roberta Reese

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