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Proposal Summary: SC-05-05

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TitleAddition of The Police Experience course.
Submitting DeanDean Silverman
Submitting CollegeSummit College -- Mike Jalbert x6374
Departments Generating the ProposalPubl Svc Tech
Objection DeadlineNovember 11, 2004
Proposal StatusFinal Approval Granted
Proposal Last UpdatedFebruary 07, 2005 by PR Yvonne Brooks
Effective DateSpring 2005
Brief Summary of ProposalA new course to the curriculum that would enable past and present commissioned police officers to complete a course related to the Basic Police Academy. Students completing the course (2220:225)and the Introduction of Criminal Justice course (2220:100)with a C or better grade would become eligible to test out of Criminal Law, Evidence and the Legal Process, Critical Incident Intervention, Patrol Tactics, Family Violence, Criminal Case Management, and Community Policing.
Type of ProposalProgram changes
Graduate School Endorsement StatusNot required
Graduate School Endorsement UpdatedOctober 13, 2004 by GS Heather Blake
Institutional Research StatusApproved
IR Status UpdatedOctober 19, 2004 by IR Dolores Bezilla
Library StatusApproved
Library Status UpdatedOctober 26, 2004 by UL Bennie Robinson
Distance Learning Review Committee StatusApproved
DLRC CommentWell done
DLRC Status UpdatedOctober 13, 2004 by IS John Hirschbuhl
Resource RequirementsNo additional resources
Resource Requirements UpdatedDecember 29, 2004 by CT assoc dean Michael Jalbert

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