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Proposal Summary: FAA-07-03

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TitleAdding online section to Course 7400:360 Parent-Child Relations
Submitting DeanDr. James Lynn
Submitting CollegeFine & Applied Arts -- Dudley Turner x6518
Departments Generating the ProposalFCS
Objection Deadline
Proposal StatusCollege status: approved
Proposal Last UpdatedJanuary 08, 2009 by PR Rex Ramsier
Effective DateFall 2007
Brief Summary of ProposalIn order to offer more options to students, we are proposing to offer 3 sections per year of 7400:360, Parent-Child Relations, as online sections. We currently offer two sections of the course in the fall, two sections in the spring, and one section in the summer. With this proposal, one of the fall sections, one of the spring sections and the summer section would be offered online.
Type of ProposalCourse changes only
Graduate School Endorsement StatusNot required
Graduate School Endorsement UpdatedSeptember 26, 2006 by GS Heather Blake
Institutional Research StatusApproved
IR Status UpdatedSeptember 27, 2006 by IR Dolores Bezilla
Library StatusApproved
Library Status UpdatedJanuary 08, 2007 by UL Joe Larose
Distance Learning Review Committee StatusUnder review
DLRC Commentneed to address equivalency issue and consider discussion sessions and provide new version to DLRC with changes highlighted
DLRC Status UpdatedOctober 02, 2007 by PR Rex Ramsier
General Education Advisory Committee StatusNot required
GEAC Status UpdatedSeptember 22, 2006 by FA Dudley Turner
Resource RequirementsNo additional resources
Resource Requirements UpdatedSeptember 26, 2006 by FA dean's ofc Gerry McElliott

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